Rogue Courier EP01

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11/08/2017 1:13 PM EDT - Version 1.05 - Added button to go to episode 2 when the episode 1 is over.


in the vast expanse of the universe ,.. a story is unfolding . from a dark past to a darker future,.. experience . power ,fame , and wealth is worth a fight . but what really matters is the fucking . lot and lots and lots of it .

play as Kouia . browse the fabrics of space to find great adventures

alright , we'll be treating this project as a series here in NG . this version is it is what it is , so it's no longer an alpha . the game is intended to be long and sadly , we have to deal with filesize limitation . we decided to do it in parts instead . although in patreon version , it will be a full game upon completion

project is still in development and if you like it , we'll be pleased if you help it grow

visit http://www.patreon.com/pinoytoons to support us

NOTE: New version uploaded, bug at the end of the game is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

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Whose idea was it to not have a starting mission?????????????

Still some of the best animation in flash, years later

pinoytoons responds:

thanks a lot

bug square red ?

Interesting game, but serious bugs when using the visualize command on the stuff that's supposed to cure corruption. I used it during the tutorial and it ended the tutorial and teleported me. I used it during the first (only?) mission and it teleported me back to the home station.

Like others pointed out, the movement speed is unnecessarily slow. could easily speed up the animations of ship and character movement.

I like your art and story and the depth you took in making the space station and ship maps.

Movement speed waaaay too slow. Also I went to the diamond thing when I was supposed to go to the second glitch, and ended up in the police sorta place but in the wall and invisible and stuck. I guess that's what I get for not following orders.