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Survival Soccer

rated 3.15 / 5 stars
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Oct 17, 2016 | 9:59 AM EDT

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Author Comments

"Use your soccer ball to destroy waves of monsters out to hurt you!"

It's a survival game where you fight incoming waves of monsters using only your soccer ball.
You gain scores by killing the monsters.

Arrow keys to move.
Z to kick.
Hold down Z to charge kick(or even more for super charge!)

You need first to walk on the ball, then you enter dribble mode.
Once you are in dribble mode you can press Z to kick the ball, or hold Z to charge and release Z to make a charged kick of the ball(There are two charge levels).

If you kick the ball and it hits a monster, it will cause damage.
This is how you kill monsters(and gain points).

If you get hit by a monster while in dribble mode you will lose the ball.

This is the first game I made using Stencyl(I made others in traditional coding) and I enjoyed it a lot.
So I hope you will give me advice and suggestions for improvements!

Once you are in dribble mode, there are 3 types of kick.
* The normal kick where you tap Z. It cause 1 damage point each enemy it hits(and bounce to another).
* The first level charge kick.
If you hold the Z button, after about half a second your ball gets to the first charge level. It glows between red tint and no tint.
This kick will cause 2 damage on the first hit(all enemies have 2 hit points) and 1 damage on the rest of the hits(from bouncing).
The first level charge kicks the ball faster than no charge kick.
* The super charge is when you hold Z and wait even longer.
About 2 seconds overall.
With this charge the ball glows between red and bright yellow.
This kick cause 2 damage every time it hits an enemy(and bounce to others) and has a super fast speed.

My strategy is usually to use the normal kicks at first when there are a few enemies.
Then when there are a bit more enemies use the first level charge to take out enemies in one hit(and maybe get a lucky other 1 damage hits).
Once the screen is full of hordes what I find is useful in this desperate situation is to do the super charge kick without even aiming much.
Just doges enemies and do super charge kicks, you are likely to take some or at least one with the super charge kick because there are so many enemies on the screen.
Usually I kick the super charge diagonally.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

PRETTY GOOD, i enjoy it.

It can be better if you add levels, features, boss levels and something more.

Really needs to add music, like adventure/ horror music.

PompiPompi responds:


At first I thought to improve it with adding features, things to pick up, more monsters and etc, but I would like to keep it this way as a game you can compete for the best high score.

So instead of small incremental improvements for this game I will work on a newer version of this game with a lot more content.

I am glad you enjoyed it!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

need some work in it...
i didn't understand the game much!!

PompiPompi responds:

You basically walk on the ball... then it is in "dribble mode".
Then when you press Z(or hold Z for charge) it would kick the ball.
When you kick the ball if it hits an enemy it cause damage.
So you basically kick the ball at enemies in order to kill them.

You are right, this might not have been so clear...