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A short interactive ghost story for #StencylGameJam. Journey back to your childhood home and uncover a disturbing truth and recall forgotten memories.

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Quite a good little ghost story, if a bit obvious. For me the creepiest thing was the red eyes peering in windows that for some reason the main character never mentions, making them that much more ominous...

It was a real good story, I felt like I was apart of a boy suffering from a past he wished to forget but couldn't until he was given that letter and walked throught the house he once lived in and discovered Simon's dead skeleton, in wich he could give call the police and allow Simon a real burial and finally let out a breath of relif and really live on like he wanted to from the start.

Graphics are coarse, but the scenes are clear enough to reveal where one is at. Occasional changes in the lightness of scenes have created a mysterious atmosphere for readers that the house was haunted by something.

I didn't expect that I would be so engaged into reading each and every piece of memory and script on the screen. I was keen to find out what's not known to the main character in the past and what had haunted the house and the family. Although it was not clear to me how Simon was treated, it was a meaningful journey to the Wales.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks a lot. You've made some useful points. I was against the clock on this, so the graphic style helped disguise some rushed artwork! Though, I do think that the style worked well.

Originally there were going to be different paths to take, but the game was trimmed down so I could enter it into a jam. Thanks again!

Feels like a book. Sort of, I like how you used sound to make it feel more into the game. The story could be better but it was a pretty good one and i liked it. - REDamNED

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Yes, the story is a bit weak. And maybe the texts are just a little bit too long... but otherwise it's really great. I really like some of the details you put in, like when the light flickers when you are restarting the lighter. To make it perfect you could streamline the story a little bit and add more interactive elements, but like it is it is already a very atmospheric and great game.

JeffreyDriver responds:

I agree, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it anyway. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.