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Beautiful Nightmare

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Hey there. I joined the 2016 #StencylGameJam and this is my first flash game- Beautiful Nightmare, a short platformer that takes you through a journey of the unknown. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had making it. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated however bare in mind I only had 10 days to make this game. Anywho, enjoy, and thank you again for taking time out of your day to play my game. Much love.

Update 10/17/16
Thank you Tom Senpai for the front page feature! I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review my game (for good or for bad). I'm definitely listening and am going to take it and see how I can better myself as a game developer. Thanks again everyone.

Update 10/17/16: Version 1.1.0
-minor bug fix where scene will not reload upon death
-minor scenery fixes

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Nice concept and atmosphere. I was interested by the story and would have liked to see more. I hope you will make a longer game out of this in the future.

I didn't finish it because I was bugged in a scene (i tried to go back in the cave where it says "abandon all hope who enters here", i fell down from the scene and i was stuck below the scene, maybe a platform in there)

Pretty good game, just needs to fix some bugs and 5 stars, has a good atmosphere and excellent sound effects who combine perfectly in the game

You know, considering this is your first flash game, and I assume one of if not your first game ever, this is pretty descent. The atmosphere is good, and the music that plays in the background is spooky. It does genuinely get pretty tense when *spoiler* the giant eyeball starts chasing you, which is good. Not the greatest looking visuals, but that'll probably improve as you get more experienced. Not that they're bad or anything, the game actually looks pretty descent, I'm saying that graphically wise, theres some room to improve. I will say however that I enjoyed the overall aesthetic of the game. Now, is there actually a story going on here? Or is this just a bunch of random spooky stuff thrown together? Because it kinda feels like this is just a bunch of spooky stuff thrown together. Not that I mind too much, I just hope that theres something tying everything together. Like I mean, why eyeballs? Why blood waterfalls? What really is the place that your in? Is it purgatory? Is it even real? I guess you probably left a lot of things open to interpretation of purpose, and if thats the guess then I guess its fine. I found the jumping to be a little awkward, I think if you could make the player character jump a bit higher it would probably fix the issue. I found that with most of the jumps, if you keep pressing the jump button when you land on the corner of the plat form it allows you to jump again, even though it looks like the guy should have just fallen to his death, There was also a bug where I was flung high into air somehow, it was during one of the moving platform bits. Another minor complaint that I have is the amount of jampscares, and the fact that none of them did they're job in making me jump. Well, maybe one did... but that's besides the point. Maybe use jump scares more sparingly in future projects, it makes them less effective if you spam them too much. Overall, this was quite a spooky game that I had a lot of fun with. Maybe making it a bit longer and adding a bit more depth to story would have made it a but better, but as it stands its a pretty descent game.

Pretty decent. Enjoyable gameplay. There was a real sense of urgency when the giant eyeball was chasing me, which was nice. Atmosphere was great, however, it could use some ambient music or something other than the rain. It feels empty, but not really in a good way. I was bummed out how short it was and I would have liked to know how the character had died if I was playing as a ghost, or if he was really dead at all?
All in all, good game, one of the better ones I've played in a while. Great job!

Good game. i like the creepy atmosphere but fairly easy. I would love to see this game as a bigger production.