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Space Base Defender

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Our man holding our Controller for our Defense systems is down! We need someone new!

Destroy as many villains, save the planet and get the highest score in the world!

Help defend your base from the Rocket Ships attacking. You start off with 10 lives, every time a Rocket Ship hits your base, you lose a live.

Every time you let a star hit your base, you gain a live!

Endless waves of upcoming enemies; the longer you survive, the harder it gets!

- Puzzled-skill strategic game
- easy control
- simple mechanic
- endless fun!

NOTE:Firefox or IE best performance.

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Hey friend, this game is very good, keep it up

This concept has been done to death, and you didn't even do it well. There's no variety, the game lags, and you can cheat the system by spinning your mouse in circles.

This is a very "meh" game. It has an extremly unoriginal concept, and pathetically easy gameplay. I found you can play the game by just spinning your mouse and a circle, and you'll never die. And the game gets very stale, very fast, no variation being added. Give this one a pass.

good game but with an unoriginal comcept, good art though

Nothing new. This concept has been around for a LONG time, beginning with children's games. Speeding it up doesn't necessarily mean better game play.