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Hero Agency

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1. Rasmus3210 156,660
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3. Prinkless 95,530
4. KingstonCrandell 93,565
5. Jowstin 88,300
6. KoalaFlint 80,925
7. Louagornn 77,510
8. JimmyCarlos 74,155
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13. AdrenalineBlade 33,070

Author Comments

Thank you so much for the frontpage Newgrounds. The consistent support you guys give is heart-warming.xx

Your father was a great adventurer, but as his son you do not possess the same skill or fortitude. Take your father's inheritance and build up a hero agency to keep adventuring in the family!

- 3 different hero classes with varying starting bonuses!
- Avoid hiring greedy heroes to maximize profits!
- Gain universal rewards by completing tasks and cash them in around town.
- Train your heroes in 4 abilities to progress in the way you wish.
-Don't let your heroes get K.O'd as they will be permanently destroyed and you will need to pay insurance costs!
- 14 achievements all unlockable in a single playthrough.
- See all your heroes out to retirement to complete the game!

- If you have a powerful hero who is nearly defeated, PAUSE his activity until you get enough cash for a potion! Sometimes it's best to play the long game.

- Try to effectively manage your upgrades; I recommend going to the Loot upgrades with your hero first as a good starting point for earning more gold!

- Skill increases your hero's questing speed, Heart makes him tougher, Wisdom gives him more EXP for completing quests and Looting makes him earn more gold!

- Don't rush to hire new heroes. Make sure you have the gold to invest in them before taking on new adventurers.

- Don't accept every offer your heroes make. If they feel too expensive, try again. It's worth paying the trial costs to find a less greedy hero.

-Before you claim any rewards, make sure you have no heroes on a trial. They will still get the reward but you may decide to sack them and then they'll lose it!

- Give a little support to indie gaming by taking a visit to PLONGA. You'll even get a little gold injection for doing so :)

Developed by FlashChaz
Lovingly voice acted by Shock-Dingo
Musically imbued by Nick Short
Emphatically tested by Danish Goel

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i did all the achevements but dint get em sigh... still nice game

please make a Continue Button, i lose all my data because of this.

2 slots stayed locked through the entire game, even after retiring 4 heroes

Sorry Youssef
I wanted to go for the number 1 spot, but got bored after 4 millions, so decided to end it on 4th place. And yeah, what Youssef and Fireknight said, never upgrade Wisdom for max efficiency. Also, Humans are slightly more efficient than elves thanks to 3 health potions.

#10 on the all time.
i can say i did something.
make another generations and don't ever ever upgrade wise.
i got you. i trust in you.
just don't take my spot please XD

Chaz responds: