Living with Lolly EP2

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So it's been a while but I actually finished Episode 2... I kind of fell into the same trap I did with Episode 1, constantly adding or removing things, redrawing the older parts and getting into this constant loop of trying to fix everything.

But here it is ^_^ I guess Episode 1 was like the test pilot and this is where I'm trying to define where the series will go. Now it's just a case of breaking down the plot points into manageable segments... I don't think another 19 minute long episode is the way to go >_<

Thank you to everyone who helped with this, especially the wonderful voice cast who lend their talent to my dumb anime bullshit.

I'm starting work on Episode 3 really soon, so if anyone is interesting in being part of the project, drop me an IM ^_^


This was well worth the wait!

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holy shit. you used Fantastic Planet-like themes nad music. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.

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Mistress Lolly, I want to serve and worship you!

Wow, this second episode has been a long time coming. And it feels like it's got a bit more edge than the first episode and I like that. The opening dream sequence was very creepy and creative with a moody and unsettling atmosphere.

The plot of the story is still paper thin, though. The lore of your world needs a little more fleshing out and motives of the characters need to be established better. So far the entire plot feels like a pretense to have Lolly shock people with her naked presence and flirtatious personality.

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KenOhSama responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback man ^_^ one of the hardest things has been trying to work more of the story into scenes, it takes a lot of planning on how to do these things because I just don't have the manpower or skill to animate some of the stuff I'd like to do >_< so it's kind of a compromise on what to keep and what to save for later.
With Episode 3 I plan on focusing more on specific character motives, give a little more backstory and whatnot, and hopefully things will build from there x3

Why make something mature and censor it?!

Makes as much sense as buying a hotdog and throw out the sossage cuse it is unhealthy.

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KenOhSama responds:

My entire diet consists of hotdog buns...

Also I never planned on LWL being strictly mature, it's definitely meant to push the boundaries in that regard, but in more of a teasing way than anything x3

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Oct 13, 2016
11:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Original