The Last Futanari NSFW APP Droid Release Trailer [IKstudios]

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for a team that call themselves IK studies you guys are still struggling with IK controls 1st off who ever picks the trailer music ask them to stop, it's distracting.
Lola has a very hot voice so that effort to rip her voice from all over is better then anime uguuu voices. 2nd if you are to make a trailer please study basic eye dart movements and blinks this is 3d animation 101. You animation now is stiff as anything. Hip movements, facial expressions, body behaviour, body reactions to orgasms, discomfort, pleasure, facial expressions all come into play. You need to stop blaming the feed back for being jelly or whatever. Because for people to be jelly there needs to be something to be jelly about. Grow up dude you are not 13 years old. You gonna use patreon then be professional.

I'm sorry man, but this is like a 4 year old tried to make a porn with Gary's Mod and imported models.
Stolen thumbnails, zero clue how to use Gary's mod, and zero skill with actual flash.

You should learn a skill man, it does not need to be this way.
Listen to the people and take criticism so you can improve, otherwise you're doomed to make the same garbage over and over again while blaming others for your junky content.

This stuff is no good and it makes actual artists who put hard work into their art disgusted when it clogs up the feed.

I mean dang son, Clock crew is better, at least it took work to make, ya dig?
Just stop bro, or at the very least learn a skill and apply it.

haters gonna hate

it's terrible to ask for other peoples hard earned money to support this trash and then bash them when they try to help you grow, smh 0/10 would never reccomend hope it fails

ikstudios responds:

u Mad Bro? get some skillz

Maybe if you didn't try to sass your reviewers, and actually listened to them, maybe you'd get real, helpful, genuine reviews. Now, prove me correct and respond with your usual smart ass reply. Or... try a better approach.

ikstudios responds:

we are not quitting or going anywhere get over it.

If you want to calm down and talk to the team come by the discord and speak.

I blocked you from pm and threatening to harm me so now you go to my comment section.

try leaving a comment other then jelly and hate see the response you get.

when you're response is these guys have a tumblr,marketing, patreon,webiste,app store.

It translates to I am jelly just sayin.

Despite what you think we are growing daily.

And will contine to expand by leaps and bounds as we have over the last 2 months.

Thnks for Stopping by make sure to check out scene2 trailer releases tonight!

Full NSFW coming Soon!

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1.45 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2016
1:42 AM EDT