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GeoBird Game

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Simulation - Pet / Buddy

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Oct 11, 2016 | 8:27 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Click on the cities to go to them. Don't touch red. All levels are possible. Ethiopia is level 1. Israel is level 2. India is level 3. Brazil is level 4. Russia is level 5. More levels will be added. Danger borders are tweaked to make the game possible. You can stay over water for 1 second. Please suggest more levels. The country has to be mostly safe but with a few dangerous areas.

Sometimes it stops in the middle and you have to restart.

Credit to @Varick_Lee for requesting Brazil.
Music is Look Up by Geoplex.
1.0: Release.
1.1: Fixed check glitch. New check glitch: They don't come back, but I might not fix this and just use the checks as a verifier.
1.2: Fixed check glitch again, the reason for the new one was because I was rushing and forgot to put in a block.
1.3: I noticed that for Eilat (Israel), Chennai (India), and Cape Conecirn (India), the location was a bit off. I fixed that by making it more accurate.
1.4: Cities are now lime green, in prepriation for 1.5, which will make it so you can't switch in the middle.
1.5: Fixed glitch where you can't go over water at all, even for less than a second. I couldn't fix the cheating glitch for some reason I don't understand. For further info go to
1.6: Finally fixed glitch where you can switch cities in the middle!
1.7: Huge update. Added the country Russia. You can now go to the level select by pressing "r".
1.8: Minor update that only fixes the glitch where when you press "r", you don't go back to the upper right corner, the level starting position.
1.9: Added music.
2.0: Parrot now goes to front.
2.1: Fixed music glitch where it stopped if you failed. It still starts over.
2.2: Changed coordinates of Haifa (Israel) to be more accurate.
2.3: Added Brazil and added the section marks for Russia (Which I forgot to do when I made it). Glitch: Brazil will not complete, but if you go through all cities count it as you did.
2.4: Created testing for Brazil glitch.
2.5: Removed music after learning that playing games and listening to most music (though some soft and calm music may be ok), has a similar effect to seeing flashing images.
2.6: Fixed Brazil Glitch! It was a typo where I spelled "Belo Horizonte" as "Belo Horizante".
2.7: Added thumbnail.
2.8: The color of the border of a level now means its difficulty, green is easy, yellow is medium, and red is hard. Also made prototype background for Mexico, coming soon.
2.9: Added music back. It's different since I felt that rock didn't fit the game well. It is Look Up by Geoplex.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'll go easy on you if this is your first game or something, but seriously... this needs far, far more work. Besides the graphics being something reminiscent of what I can do on Microsoft Paint, the gameplay isn't all there in my opinion. The first level was just clicking one dot and allowing the character to move in a set, fixed line. I didn't feel accomplished at all. In the next levels, you don't get any indications on what lines are correct, it's just all over the place. Anything goes.

Please, try again.

Bird25 responds:

Most of what you said is the point. The first level is meant to be a straight line as an intro line, like how the first level of a platformer is usually flat. The graphics are because I had to get pictures from the internet. And WHY would I TELL YOU which lines worked?? The point of the game is so that you can figure that out!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked it, nice job dude.

Bird25 responds:

Thanks! :)


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Man, this needs so much work. The graphics are very poor. Looks like it took about 5 minutes in MS Paint?

Bird25 responds:

What's MS Paint? It took many hours in scratch. Update: Oh yeah... Microsoft Paint. Nah, just internet pictures.