The Last Futanari Scene 1 IKstudios

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Nice animation, more facial expressions would help tho. Good Luck. :D

ikstudios responds:

Thnks. Ya there is a Neck issue but facial commands she smiles blinks and had alot of movement. Thats about all she can do for facial "movements" not sure to what you are reffering too.

this brought my dick smaller than an atom.

ikstudios responds:


Why is the intro exactly the same as in StudioFOW games (except for the logo and sound)?

ikstudios responds:

because its a template from video hive its free open source FOW does not own it.

You cant steal open source just sayin


Link to AE Market in Free Section

==> https://videohive.net/page/top_sellers?gclid=CLGLlMzO1M8CFUMkhgod9zoGLg

First, seeing the rapid additions, I can applaud your efforts for diversity and production. However, I'm thinking your quality is suffering from the drive for quantity... just a caution here.

I would suggest more effort to let each character move more independently from the other. It's a lot of work, rather than just rocking everyone involved back and forth in unison, but it's going to pay off when you gain patrons and customers. You are trying to grow in business and income, right?

In your interest for games, check out Mittsies (virtually any of them) and you will start to see some of the competition in even the point-and-click gaming genre. I hope it can lead you to some interesting inspirations and directional ideals as well. (as always, I am trying to help)

Finally, remember to relax and breathe. Can't stress it enough, the stress of a furious production pace will kill you as fast as a bullet. If you do find yourself spreading too thin to keep deadlines, start moving and renegotiating them. Updates and production notes are fairly well received by most as long as something keeps showing progress. In the end, quality will generally grow the repeat business better than quantity.
Keep on carrying on.

ikstudios responds:

thnks for the advice.

there alot going on you may not be aware of. We already have games on the android market.

also we are a team of people you keep to refering to me as if I am one person we are not.

We have multiple projects across several teams.

NG has banned my artist several times claiming its me it is not.

Feel Free to come by the discord links on my site and talk to the team if you have suggestions.

on your way

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Oct 11, 2016
3:34 AM EDT