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Sneak Attack

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Your family has been taken! You must pay off the ransom but have no money. In Sneak Attack, you must go back to your assassin days and steal to get your family back. The kidnappers requests were simple enough, $250 each day for 5 straight days. What could go wrong?

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Interesting take on stealth. It's good to make the player act cautiously, but in this case, I only acted that way because there's such a small gap between the left side of the screen and my hiding place. Effective, but dull.

I *think* different types of people give different amounts of money, but it took a bunch of trial and error just to guess that much. Average Joes only give about 50 bucks a kill, and the king gives 100-150 -- if he shows up. (I got over 100 from an old lady once -- what did I do, steal her pension?)

What's more obvious is that the economy is shaky. I don't have enough hours in the day to pick my targets, and mugging any random person isn't nearly profitable enough when I can make maybe 4 kills at most, I have to spend 250 plus 50 per bomb, and I need a bomb for each kill.

That last part's the worst. You might want a reset button for people who make the mistake I did: not knowing that smoke bombs were mandatory until I tried to beat day 2 with only a single bomb left. Now *that's* an ambush.

Whenever I press and hold the spacebar, the page just suddenly scrolls down (I've clicked on the game to try and center it to prevent this, but it doesn't work. It happens every time). I'd suggest adding a different button to use for the "search" feature or to fix this problem.

endernoobz responds:

Thank you! I will definitely change the search key.

its not that good. you should have different ways to make money and their needs to be better graphics. I got confused over the lack of money I got and by how expensive smoke bombs are when I pay the ransom. Who says you cant buy a gun, find the kidnappers and blow their heads off.

id love to like this game but it was to lagy for me