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Oranfy is an arcade and skill game, which in addition to challenge your reflexes, you must confuse your enemies to escape unharmed.
The game is shown from an isometric camera. It has a futuristic sci-fi atmosphere in a fantasy world.

Oranfy is our protagonist, a space core energy.
He came into the world in search of the source of infinite energy, which is located somewhere on the planet Andromodos. His own planet ran out of energy and plenty of cores are dying. He managed to manufacture a coverage for traveling across space, because cores are not able to leave by themselves.

Oranfy has to find the source before his armor expires. But before planing this suicide mission, he got information from someone. There's an infiltrated called Fidy, who did not say why he was giving a hand, but it does not matter while he is helpful.

Our mysterious friend told him that a group of rebels had created a software that would tell where to find such a precious energy source. To avoid detection, the software was partitioned and encrypted, so if he collect all the fragments and decrypt them, he would rebuild the master program that will point the way.

Fidy transferred to Oranfy the primal code, that works to open a gateway of a power plant. Also he implanted him a satellite tracking device to watch and guide the mission.

- A single player level
- Two multiplayer levels
- Special items: speed and invisibility
- AI
- Trap: stunner beam

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hard and adicted, i cant stop try and try

Very beautiful game! The music could be improved, but I still like it. Keep working on it! Well done!

tridevent responds:

Thanks for your support

Una verdadera sorpresa este juego, divertido, original y sobre todo adictivo.

Espero que los desarrolladores sigan mejorandolo, ampliandolo y podamos disfrutar una segunda parte, mientras tanto se puede rejugar y volver a disfrutarlo como el primer dia.

Un 10 para esta obra de arte. Recomendado

tridevent responds:

Muchas gracias por el comentario.

The music is decent in this game, and it is obvious that a lot of effort went into the graphics; however, the controls are EXTREMELY clunky and very hard to use. Navigating through the map and figuring out what you are supposed to do is tedious, confusing, and difficult. The game should have clearer instructions (what am I supposed to run into to turn off transformers? etc.), and controls should be significantly improved upon. Also, it may be better to have the robots have a set patrol path rather than just slowly follow the player wherever they go until they finally catch you. Gameplay is this game's biggest weakness, but I know with more attention, it could be a very fun puzzle skill game.

tridevent responds:

Hello! Thanks for comment. About the controls, they are based on the difficulty of the game. As for your AI's approach, it was already thought before level four.
We've released a new version of the game with a modification of controls.
And again, thanks very much for the comment, we appreciate it.

I liked dude, very nice job.

tridevent responds:

Thanks for the comment.

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2016
9:59 PM EDT