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Made in < 7days for the Game Dev League Area 51 Jam!

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arrow keys

I completely missed the Jam theme "Aliens and Abductions", but thats ok.

The music and sound effects kinda suck and that sucks, but I have a lot of other stuff to do now and do not have the time to make them better.

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Kind of tricky

Well this was kind of tricky I like the idea of this game it was pretty good and somewhat tricky but like I said the game was fun and I had a good time with this not sure what was going on with the medals but maybe adding some that could really make this exciting more medal options for sure but I will say this was pretty good and I was impressed with this whole submission of a game

As mentioned above


I see your thought process is much higher than the common mammal....

so fucking wierd i love it

Interesting little puzzle plat-former we have here, or should I say platformers considering this is pretty much 2 games. Although the puzzle mechanics for both games are interesting and unique, I do wish some of it was explained a little better. Overall the game was fun and satisfying to play. I do wish each game was a bit longer, and maybe got a bit more challenging. The art style and general aesthetic of the game is a very simple and pixely one, which is fine. It's not like you need anything too fancy for a short little puzzle game like this. The music for each game is alright at first, but after a little while it does get fairly repetitive. Now, this is a serious question, but is the harder mode actually completeable? I mean, I couldn't even finish all the levels on hard mode, for either game, but I feel like if I spent enough time on this it would be doable. But the harder mode? Ahhhh yeah no. Not gonna happen. Now, there is one more problem I have with this game, and its a pretty big one. Its the fact that one of the achievements involves following you on Twitter. Please don't put achievements like that in your games. It comes off as desperate, and players should not have to follow you on Twitter to be able to get all the achievements. But, other than that, I enjoyed what I played. It was a fun couple of little puzzle games with some interesting and unique puzzle mechanics.

StuffedWombat responds:

Yes, the harder mode is completable. Its just very hard.

No, you do not get an achievement for following me on twitter.
You get an achievement (that I called "clickbait" in a desperate attempt of irony) for clicking on the bird. You are under no obligation to follow me :)
But yeah, now that i think about it, it still doesnt seem like a good thing to do.

Thanks for your feedback.

It's really hard and it gets annoying when you reform into one at times. It's this sorta game you have to practice until you know what you're doing. Like The Binding of Isaac or just learning how to ride a bike. I would probably have done that, but as you said the sound sucks, it's not the prettiest game ever and you sometimes get stuck in the ground. It's a really nice idea though.

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3.30 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2016
5:28 AM EDT