Orion's Arena

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100 Gold 10 Points

100 Gold

500 Gold 10 Points

500 Gold

10k Gold 25 Points


1k Gold 25 Points

1k Gold

3k Gold 25 Points

3k Gold

5k Gold 25 Points

5k Gold

100k Gold 50 Points

100k Gold

500k Gold 50 Points

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Author Comments

Colosseum Fighting Bets!
Place your bet on the red or blue team
Try and win the most money you can for the leaderboards
Inspiration for the game came from the Oblivion Arena

***A white or blank screen means the game is loading***

fixed the 1million gold medal

Please leave a rating and/or review
Message me about any errors/bugs or suggestions

Programming by orion1220
Backgrounds by Caged Silhouette

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how can there be lag in a game that is basically click and choose?

This is bad.

Here's the biggest problem of all: there's no actual gameplay. I would've much rather preferred a fighting game, or an action game, or a fighting action game... but what is this? The artwork scrapes this a 1.5, but other than that, this is definitely not worth it. Oh, and DON'T GO INTO THE SOUND MENU AND PRESS ANYTHING. The music tracks will start stacking on top of each other, effectively making your ears cry out for Jesus.

I can't even start the game without it saying "BANKRUPT", either... like... okay, is the play button disguised as a bet menu? That's probably what happened, anyway. You had millions and millions of gold coins, but when you pressed play, it took all your money away and you had to get it back.

The 2:1 payout is this game's only saving grace. The betting UI is tedious. I get that you can put any amount you want in, but it should have buttons by units and/or percentage and a 'bet all' and save the last used bet amount, considering how repetitive it is as the game's only mechanic. The ties have no effect and are a waste of time. The medals are the only reason to play this game as per usual.

If you don't enter a bet, you go bankrupt.

The best strategy is to double your bet after you lose so that you always break even when you win. You can do the math to figure out how long of a losing streak you can survive to figure out what your initial bet should be. It's a slow grind, but it's relatively safe.

I had an idea similar to this game a couple months ago. It's really entertaining but needs some stuff to be added, like hints about each warrior's stength, speed, agility, etc, and this would increase or decrease the probability of one of them winning, not just a fifty-fifty chance. Also some battle animations during the battle, not just the final result.

The music was good.

I do agree with some of the other reviews. It could have been more fleshed out. It gets very repetitive and boring. If there were animations or a RPG - type system it might be better.

orion1220 responds:

Cool not one person gave me an actual suggestion yet more rpg is pretty vague
Send me a message with an elaboration please

Credits & Info

2.02 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2016
12:17 AM EDT
Simulation - Other