The Toadstool: Drunken Mario

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What do your favorite Nintendo characters do after hours? Get plastered at the Toadstool of course. See the true side of Mario in this animated spoof.

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Hey I think the artwork was great! The animation definitely looked cutout. I wouldn't have had Donkey Kong have a speech bubble. The animation wasn't bad but it could have been better with more smoother movements. For the mouth graphics you should have added a F- sound mouth at least. And more eye blinks and movements would have took this animation a bit farther. Over all it wasn't bad! Keep it up!

Taliwacky responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I will use it to improve. I also feel I could of spent more time on the movement and animation. But after having it on the back burner for so long I wanted to just get it out. Thanks for taking the time to watch and review.

The animation is kind of blocky, like a chrachter does something and it is slow and awkward. Just need to work on that, but the actual story was pretty funny ;P

Haha, I really liked the opening piece. Your ending was wierd as heck, but it made me chuckle. Nice work man. Love how well you synced up the sound effects to the animation.

Taliwacky responds:

Im glad it got a chuckle out of you. Thanks for watching.

I never laughed as hard as I did when I watched this. In fact I didn't laugh at all.
Everything is kind of just there, the jokes aren't jokes ad there's no punch to it. It just feels like a bunch of non-sequiturs were mashed together.

Taliwacky responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I really thought you laughed at first lol. I will definitely try to improve in the future. I feel my animation has improved, just need to work on the jokes.