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Lab Rat

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Scuttle your way through a puzzling maze to get to the cheese before time runs out!

((Note: this game was made as a portfolio demo for school))

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ha ha i broke da game

Not exactly groundbreaking, but cute. The music is a cheerful bit of techno, so there's your tone for a fuzzy little test critter. The instructions are clear, and the colors are bright. The peanut makes a worthwhile bonus for folks who feel like going for a Hard Mode. It might be even nicer if the peanut triggered some kind of "good job" message instead of an understated higher number on the end screen. (But that's just my own test-subject thought -- always looking for them instant payouts)

The movement has its problems (in addition to the wall-clip spot). The rat's sluggish acceleration does not play well with most of the teleporters' tendencies to drop the rat face-first against a wall. Yeah, it's a maze, so it's not supposed to be spacious, but it still wrecks my reflexes. The same goes for getting stopped cold when I get hung up on the occasional corner during a tight turn.

But overall, it's decent. And did you draw that rat yourself? It makes the title screen surprisingly charming. You could have a future in comics if you kept on that. Good luck on your grade!

It's just impossible to play when you keep clipping through walls when you use the arrows and the mouse gets stuck on walls constantly. If that were amended it might be fun to play. Also there only seems to be one level and it's very easy.


The game is good, simple, and are really open for a good improviment.
The mechanics are good too, the only problem is that is really difficult to move the rat, looks like he have 6854378898 pounds.
But keep going, I'm sure that the game has a lot to offer. :D