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Wake up Quest

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This is a game based on a series of daydreams I had where I could not get out of a dream and had to find a clock as dark monsters kept trying to stop me and keep me in the dream.

I turned this into a simple get from point A to B game with a 1up system if you collect 100 coins or picking up a dream star.

You can not harm the nightmares so avoid at all cost.

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Fun stuff. Wish the levels were a bit longer though. Also, it would have been nice to be able to control the speed at which the character glides down. Other than that i love these types of platformers. Grew up in the 90's so the simplicity factor brings back memories. =D

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thanks and glad you like, I was going for a Super Mario feel...I guess the glide kind of has a bubsy effect

Sound: 3/10- Until the very end it was simply the same six notes on repeat.

Graphics: 4/10- While not particularly awful, nothing exceptionally impressive either. Some of the background pieces particularly the vines and columns looked very MS paint.

Controls: 8/10- The controls felt really smooth except for an unfortunate bug where hitting any vertical object while jumping would cause the character to spaz out and become uncontrollable until they hit the ground (or died). While not particularly game breaking it did feel out of place with the rest of the very smooth sliding of the game.

Game play: 7/10- It wasn't a particularly challenging game but you certainly had to pay attention and wait for the right time. It felt rather dragging towards the end however. On one particular level you were forced to make a long blind jump however and could only hope the enemy was not going to reach the edge the same time as you or it would be a lost life you could do nothing about.

Overall: 3/5- It was enjoyable and quick(ish) to play. There was nothing overly wrong with it but it didn't really bring much new to the table either. In graphics and sound it felt a little slap job but in game play and controls it felt smooth. I enjoyed the ending.

PrincessNinjato responds:

Thank you for your review, I understand the engine has this weird lock in place when you hit a solid object and jump.
I will work on more pixel sprite details and try a bit more effort in the places that needs it.