No, Professor Oak isn't an idiot

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I didn't want to upload two Pokemon videos in a row, but I wanted to make this, also, I upload more on my YouTube account.


Pretty good. A little odd but fine. The voice acting of the toad is what needs work. I don't really know what to say on it as i am an animator not a voice actor but its a bit (and i hate using this word) "cringey". I honestly cant think of a better way of describing it, it sounds like a 8 year old kid trying to do a deep raspy voice but failing. So ya its ok :| just improve that voice acting.

AKoopaButNotATroopa responds:

Thanks, for your input! I've stopped posting on Newgrounds but check out my YouTube becasue I treid to improve on the things you requested, you don't have to though. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1z2CrfZwl7j-ihL7BHU-g (also sorry for the late reply)

The video was okay, but I noticed that there were two major flaws that should be improved in your future videos.

My main gripe is with the voices. It sounded as though you were rushing through each line and your voice wasn't very clear. It's important to pay attention to not just what you're saying, but also how you say it. This is an opinionated video where you are trying to convey your thoughts to the audience, so it's important to make sure that they are able to understand everything that you've said. If you can work more on this, it'll help to improve the quality of your videos.

My second biggest concern was how little research and proof was given to the audience. Once again, this video is supposed to help convey your thoughts to the them, so they need to understand where your line of thinking is coming from. It will take more time to actually provide any references, but it'll pay off.

Other than this, everything else was actually well-thought-out. The animation, although it could be improved, still shows that you put effort into this. You did provide some good points for your argument, but as stated before it would be much better if you backed them up. If you can work on the two main problems I mentioned, then I can honestly see you making some great videos in the future.

AKoopaButNotATroopa responds:

Thanks for the detailed responce, I try talking slower now and giving more proof and doing more research on my YouTube account because I've stopped posting on Newgrounds, you can check it out if you want, but you don't have to.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1z2CrfZwl7j-ihL7BHU-g (also, sorry for the late reply)

I would recommend putting in subtitles from this point on. There are parts where you were talking too fast. Either slow down on the talking, or add subtitles in.

AKoopaButNotATroopa responds:

Okay, I'll try to add subtitles, talking fast is something I can't really control for some reason. Thanks.

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Oct 1, 2016
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