Mambo no. 5

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Wham bam, thankyou ma'am. That isa spicay cartoon.
Pls help I have a cocktail of mental illnesses.

My youtube Channel is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PO_alsghjk
Lots of other stuff to watch and cry with.


it is really well done You could take this a little bit further by having Mambo to be a hired hit-man that specialty is killing female target.

And have plots like that last girl to be some politician daughter to be held by even hired him to keep her on a leash so to speak and have each of the victim to be studied and find out what kind of background cause their head to become target of anger rich people. And have a comedy between him and her such similar to foamy the squirrel Kind of comedy.

and when the plot is reveal over time she became in love to being his pet. Now that something you could use to have a plot using this character you have.

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CapaciousSpace responds:

Good ideas all around man. It'd be a different spin to what I have going :)

was not expecting that, the idea genuinely made me laugh and the timing and execution of the animation suited it perfectly. god job man

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Interesting but sick. I gave a 3 because a 2 means not new. there should be a not new but sick option

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I liked it.

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CapaciousSpace responds:

Thanks heaps brochacho. You kawai as fuk

Holy shit! Well done, I definitely didn't expect that and actually got a good laugh. Nice job dude!

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Sep 30, 2016
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