Elana Champion of Lust Beta Chapter 1(updated 07/06/2017)

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IMPORTANT: The game must be played with the latest update of Adobe flash player (you can get it here:https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer) and usually works better using Google Chrome. If it doesn't load make right click with the mouse and choose "play".

UPDATED 07/06/17

Final version of chapter 1! Well... almost final, we'll only upload another version to add the credits, fix some typos and if necessary fix an occasional bug.


· Added two events in the academy.
· Added 10 images and 1 animation in the academy.
· Added 1 image in the forest.
· Added 6 images in the houses.
· Added 7 images in the castle.
· Added 10 images in the church.
· Added 1 image in the farms.
· Added 3 images in the square (and some placed where they belong because a couple of them were misplaced.
· Added 9 images during night: 4 in the beach, 4 in the market and 1 in the square.
· Adjusted difficulty of Alphara and Omegara.
· Fixed bug in the castle door.
· Fixed bug with the sound which also fixes several possible bugs.
· Texts revised with functions of the minigames, pop-ups, combat...

If you want to help us develop the game, you can support us on Patreon:

Music by: www.audionautix.com
Erotic audio by: www.listentopo.com

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Great game overall, lots of hours of fun. Pretty big dialogue wise, must have took some a hefty amount of effort.

Beat it, but quite sure I missed some things: 1) The elf ladies that want you to wear better clothes... Didn't get anything to do with that.. I did the night winter potion thing, which supposedly gave me new clothes(in reality I got nothing I think)
2) Some other places like mountains and meeting place in church - found nothing to do with those, so I assume they are there for later chapters, I guess
3) Some hints for mission I never figured what to do with, I assume I did most without even understanding the hints, but some are very questionable. The one I am most interested in is the 'konami code' like thing - kiss, dodge, bear.. etc.. can you do something with that? I remember shopkeeper mentioning it once as well, but never really got it figured out.
Some of the other hints I did not understand is the one about registries beneath starlight.. the rest seem to be story related.

knotgames responds:


About the point 1 and 2, they continue in chapter 2, except for the winter potion which lead to a chain of events in the hot springs if it's used during night. At the beginning of the development of this project we aimed to do a big game of three chapters but due to the size those chapters reached and because of the different mechanics through the chapters now what we are doing is 3 games continuing the story of the previous one.

About the point 3... We were a little cryptic with that hints, most of them are for the main points of the story, except, if I'm not wrong one that helps to start the chain of events to unlock the gallery and that one you said of the "Kiss, doge..." which was a hint for a chain of attacks helpful to defeat the last stage of the archmage. Kiss Alphara, turn into the spirit form, load updates of the magic wind, kiss Omegara, use masturbation to heal and do AOE attack to force alphara and omegara to heal themselves and attack with the magic wind fully load the archmage if I remember well. Not an easy hint thought ^^u

Good stuff. I came to this after part 2.

I think the combat system is better in this version compared to the second chapter, felt more thought out and easy to follow.

The Villager influence is definitely better in chapter 2 though, it gets fairly grindy in chapter 1.

Overall great though and the variety of art is good.

knotgames responds:

Thanks for the review!

In chapter two we probably tried to include too much in the combat system without having the work power it needed while keeping a properly development speed on the rest of the game.

We'll aim for simpler and hopefully more enjoyable systems for chapter 3.

im having a strange bug where i cannot access any areas during the day time. Time passes when i click on them but nothing else. This has not happened to me with previous versions of the game.

knotgames responds:

Hi! It could happen if you load a save from a previous version but it also could be a dragged bug. Start a new game could fix it (also play with Google Chrome if you are not doing it yet) but we still have to publish a version with some polishing and bug fixes.

it too hard oh wait thats not the game

i have a 100 percent influence in each except the castle, how do i get in the castle i have been trying and how do i get the red and orb in the left down corner

knotgames responds:

Hi! You need the eel pie from Loola and answer the right questions at the gate of the castle. Inside you can get the red orb for the academy door.

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