Sacred Treasure

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Don't Be Greedy 5 Points

Spend 1000 gold.

True Hero 5 Points

Reach rank 20 with any character.

Whirling Combo 5 Points

Kill 2 enemies with one circular strike.

Thirsty No More 25 Points

Break 100 barrels.

Birthday Suit Pub Crawl 50 Points

Start and finish Act 1 Mission 2 (1-2) without any items equipped.

Burn, Fire, Burn! 50 Points

Kill 5 enemies with one meteor.

Epic 50 Points

Have all equipment slots used with only epic items.

Halfway Through 50 Points

Complete Act 1.

Ten Chicks 50 Points

Turn 10 enemies into chickens.

Don't Even Try! 100 Points

Complete the first two areas in Impossible mode.

Author Comments

Your journey to the mysterious lands of Meadowshire begins!

The evil is spreading on the continent, the towns and villages fall one by one. Dorgoil is a fortified town that is holding out and you came here to test your strength and luck and to find some loot of course. You will join a guild of adventurers and travel through the lands full of orcs, undead and trolls.

Loot monsters, improve your skills, upgrade your gear - the adventure has begun!

*** The game is published worldwide after more than a year of exclusive hosting on Armorgames.

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Pleasant wee game

wow, final mission in very hard, is crazy

The game is nice, I made a playthrough with sorceress with impossible missions done as well, the way I see it the game looks nice but could use a faster pace, maybe by giving an option to disable animations. Other than this, the difficulty curve should be a bit steeper, after the first act in normal mode the game becomes increasingly easy and the hard and especially the impossible missions just end up as a walk in the park.

I really love this game...however, I had a problem with saving. I have no clue how to keep my save game on Newgrounds, and whenever I tried to play on Armor Games.com, I got the most severe lag spike known to mankind. Does anyone know how to actually save this game on this site?

I really do love this game. The only problem I ever remember having in both my playthroughs (had to try out both chars!) was a glitch where I just walked off the ground and moved endlessly in a single direction. I don't know what triggered it, but it sucked because I was two enemies away from finishing Hard for Act II, Level 6. My character just walked.. and walked.. and walked, off the play area and onto the background, which I now know continues endlessly offscreen. Other than that, this game is amazing.

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2016
4:02 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG