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LAURA - GameGrumps Animated

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If you want to see the episode of gamegrumps this is from. it's episode 68 of mario maker

Also, thank you for watching my animation!

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ah, animation youtube worthy, it's nice to see it here... anyway, stay awesome.


So this was notbad at all this had some well executed jokes and humor I do think this could have been even better with humor and such but for what it is I have enjoyed this film for the positives the animation was really good too so nice job there too but anyways I would love to see you expand on this maybe some extra scenes and such would be nice but overall this was a nice film indeed

Some added scenes some added humor


I've gotta watch some of these episodes some time. XD Awesome work piecing together voice with suitable imagery like this, all nicely animated and supper fitting, though that ending shot: brutal! The happy sloth would've been such a feelgood ending though! I feel for that sloth.


Tyrinnis responds:

Thank you! i thought the happy, ok, sloth ending would have been too predictable. So I went with something more spuratic at the end. i'm glad you enjoyed my animation btw :)

That was putrid.

Tyrinnis responds:

Thank you! :D

I can understand the humor, but it didn't make me laugh. that's why i'm giving it a 4/5 stars