Gravity Simulator

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This gravity simulation is a sandbox on a grand scale. Put planets, stars, and asteroids in place, give them an initial push, and see where they go. Observe the conic sections that emerge from the simple rules of gravitational attraction.

Why stop there? Go ahead and simulate what we might observe if gravity deviates from a 1/r^2 law. Change the law just a little, and try to recreate the strange and famous behavior of Mercury.

Throughout it all there will be beautiful and captivating pictures. So go make some worlds, and make some art.

For even more features, take a look at the downloadable version here: http://testtubegames.com/gravity_full.html


Very simple art style (that's great imo), and super relaxing music. I love how the physics feel soo real for simple game like this one. Great job!

An absolutely fun, peaceful simulator. It's a lot like a virtual zen garden, which makes it that much better. It's a great time waster, but I love that you can code your own physics if you want to get serious. Overall, great job.

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>start out creating stable solar system
>try to create stable 2 star solar system
>end up drawing dicks with stars
>4 stars

TestTubeGames responds:

Yikes, all this time and I didn't even realize you can make solar systems in this?!

Very good game! The soundtrack is very well done, with a relaxing and simple artstyle

TestTubeGames responds:

Thank you - glad you enjoyed it!

It's pretty fun! Messing around with mass and density is really interesting.
But I have a SERIOUS problem. Using insanely large numbers for the mass and density seemed to have caused a glitch on my mac. Now, on occasion, certain words on different websites are replaced with these weird symbols. It sometimes even happens when I launch Steam. It goes back to normal after I refresh the page. Any way to fix this? I'm on Chrome, if that matters.

TestTubeGames responds:

I... I'm really confused. (Not entirely sure whether you're pulling my leg?) I can think of no reason why this game should affect anything else on your computer. I'm nowhere near a good enough hacker for that kind of thing.

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2016
3:31 PM EDT
Simulation - Other