Whorelords - Sylvanas gets used by human

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Sylvanas be defeated in the Whorelords of Draenor and gets used hard by human. There is just a small animation of the heroine defeat. Want more?

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I hate to be mean, but I have to be critical.
The audio is balanced terribly, having the squishy meating noises being just as loud as the the "moaning", which sounds closer to the sounds that videogame characters make when they get hurt, ie. not sexual, with or without pleasure. Also, I swear there's three different sounds starting in the first second of the video, one of which sounds like a bucket of mayonnaise being poured out. The animation clips and loops in ways that no mammal would physically move. Near the end, the orgasm sound effect made me think of the sound of splintering wood at first.

You have good model assets and decent scenery, but the animation is terrible and smaller part of the body don't seem to move at all (which should only be a concern when the movement of large parts is fluid, natural, and seamless).

tl;dr Squishy sounds need to be quieter, all sounds should be replaced, and animation needs improvement if this content should be considered natural.

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Well, you're coming along... Still working with stock soundtrack, but we'll just say it and move on...

She's more flexible this time, but the guy... ummm... Okay, you did better with the orc for natural movement. You'll get this, and it is allowed to develop some stock for repetitive use. Might I suggest you try a progressive project? Something simple enough to start with, so you can add to the "library of positions and actions", as you post clips build and keep a few to yourself along the way, working on one big orgy or something... like in the prison scene for instance. After a fair serial, you can go back and rebuild the whole thing in a single larger movie (adding in the portions you originally kept aside), It's an old-school and kind of cheap little trick to make your finale's worth coming back to see as well as building habits that can pay off for the future.
You seem to have what it takes to be an animator... I'm sure you'll find a time and place or source for some better audio, so for now, any audio is better than NO audio.
I can admit this was kind of funny for the soundtrack... :P

zuleyka responds:

Thanks for advice and feedback. It would be helpful ;)

pretty ok a bit stiff and the slicking sounds are a bit funny sounding

Really nice video, and really hot!

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2.15 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2016
2:40 PM EDT