NEON: The First Mission

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You need the Unity3D plugin to play this game.
Unity3D plugin download: https://unity3d.com/pt/webplayer

NEON: The First Mission is a fast-paced FPS where you control a super soldier on a mission to kill the Alien Mastermind and destroy his base. Various types of aliens and robots will try to stop you.

Find all the cards to open doors and reach the end of this labyrinthic base.

Good luck, soldier!

Christiano Mariano Arbigaus - Programming
Victor Hugo Baum Schilichting - Art

Carpenter Brut - You're mine (from Furi original soundtrack)
Lorn - Set me Free (from Furi original soundtrack)

Move - W, A, S, D
Jump - Space
Run - Shift
Shoot - Left Mouse Click
Return to menu - Delete

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played this game a lot it was really fun a lot of first person/third person shooters aren't this fast paced and thats why i liked it so much...

But the problem is that its single player and i mastered the game pretty fast could you please make an online multiplayer version or make more missions to do because i would really like that if you would.

looks really cool not a FPS fan but I like the aesthetic, my problems are with that I couldn't tell what type of gun was which my shots didn't feel like they hit and I got caught in a spider and the the game glitched and I could not stop circling

Lokoline responds:

Strange, this glitch never happened to us. Thank you, we'll look into it.

I like it so far. Unfortunately it seems to be poorly optimized. It's like trying to play a multiplayer game with absurd lag/ping. Maybe its on my end but I do not think its supposed to be this uncomfortable to play. Its a pretty solid game except for this one issue.

Lokoline responds:

Thank you, we're working to fix the performance issues in this build and update the game.

didn't last long since i "managed" do fall through the floor landing in/on some sort of water underground. Also the aiming cross isn't visible enough in my mind. Sure, it's always in the middle of the screen, but a nice red instead of the dark gray would be better (i guess). Last thing is the rotation speed: too slow. I don't know if it is the configuration of my mouse, but some kind of ingame option to change this would be nice.

Lokoline responds:

Thank you for the feedback, we plan to change the water segment. In this part you should use the pipes as stairs. We will look into the mouse rotation speed too. Thanks.

Son this is awesome! Finally a flash first person shooter!

Lokoline responds:

Thank you. :)

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3.01 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2016
10:52 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person