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Scion's Desire

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Author Comments

This is a visual novel (story) with some sexual content. It is NOT a 'Meet n Fuck' type game. The ending you see depends on choices you make. Playing time to see all endings is over an hour.
This contains 3D renders.
Rapidly clicking to advance will make the game skip some screens.

Life is complicated. It gets even more complicated when you try to take it into your own hands.
Young Dr. Victor Frankenstein (a scion of his infamous namesake) has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Lonely and desperate, he begins drifting toward the idea of creating the Perfect Woman to meet his "desires."
You, the Player, determine the outcome, through the choices you make concerning Victor's actions.
Will he succeed in playing God, or will his arrogance only destroy him? Can your choices bring him success and future happiness, or only continued failure? Can your choices help prevent him from "crossing the line" into the unthinkable? And if not, what will happen then?
You will make the decisions. [And, unlike Real Life, you can always go back, make different choices, and see how that works out...] Save early and often.

There are six endings.

EDIT 1: This game is provided 'as is'. There are no actual or implied warranties. Play at your own risk. The author does not warrant that the visual novel will meet your requirements or that it will be free of error.

EDIT 2: No animals were harmed in the making of this visual novel.

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Well you know, i'm getting old (57) and i think visual novel, lovely made of course, a little juicy, artistic, could be my best form of gaming, and here i think i found something awesome, so thanks to the maker and all its inspiring team. Sorry for my french speach, i'm from Toulouse southwest of France, nice wether, but worse feeling, we are the 04-27-20 to remind that awful Covid-19 episode.

fleetp responds:

Thank you for the rating and review.

It's alright. Needs some more personality tho

fleetp responds:

Thank you for playing and giving feedback.

6 different endings what more can you ask of an AO game. Plenty to read nothing else too special about it.

say no or do not go with anyone or meet anyone and say you will give it all your love and then IT's ALIVE!

its decent, though i can only find 2 endings, regardless of what i do

fleetp responds:

There is a walkthrough that will enable you to see all of the endings. I'm not allowed to post the html link, but you can find the walkthrough by doing a google search for 'scion's desire walkthrough'

Have fun!

Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2016
2:12 PM EDT

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