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Pussymon: Episode 16

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Here's Pussymon Episode 16, in this one we have 8 new Pussymon (9 counting the new character), 10 new animations, new quest log, side quest and more.

New Additions:
- 08 new areas.
- 08 new Pussymon.
- 10 new animations.
- 6 skills.
- New quest log.
- New side quest.
- New Storyline.
- New interactions .
- New mechanics.
- New items.
- New area designs.
- Changes in interface and some menus.

Side Quest:The side quest will start automatically after some days in game (more precisely if you sleep instead of faint in battle), follow the tips in the quest log to know what to do next.Thanks for everyone who's supporting me in this big project.

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i really liked the side quest line

Sorry that I'm too lazy to give five stars to all of your games, but just give them all 5 stars from me!!

So excellent games, love the attention to detail and how it continues to grow. Given how old this game is i doubt you'll see this. But if you do i just have a few notes. First, way to many "MWAHAHAHA" moments, honestly u don't even need to have an evil laugh, kind of makes if more of a childish game. And second, could you add more choices to pussymon fuck cards? Its the only this i can think of without being too extravigant...like asking for fighting animations and such. What i mean by more choices is...like choosing which hole to use, how fast to go, when to cum...all that. And if u can manage to put sounds with everything...AWESOME. Otherwise i love your games and am looking forward to playing all of them. Mayve one day u can stockpile all these mini games into one huge full game, with such an in depth story as this it'd make for an excellent time.

Hello been with this since the start of episode one, just wanted to point out a spelling error when clicking on the travel button over the water when you don't have the swim ability it says "swin" instead of "swim". I've been enjoying this a lot so far and soon I will be donating at patreon.

I'm late playing the game and now Im going to 17, I really like the rest button in the bag menu. Your graphics are also still increasing that's amazing, Really happy you continue the story.