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This is the Newgrounds version of a project I did at Hack the North 2016, which is Canada’s largest hackathon. It’s a one-level shooting game involving a cannon that you can move back and forth and aim the barrel towards the orbs at the top of the screen.

To move the cannon, press on either the left arrow or right arrow key. Press Q to rotate the cannon barrel left, E to rotate right. Fire with the spacebar. Take down these 10 orbs you see at the top of the screen before they take you down. As soon as the game loads, take control of the cannon right away because the game starts right away.

*NOTE*: It seems that the controls don't work really well here compared to how it's played on the local machine with all the files for the game on it. But I am more concerned about the overall gameplay design and mechanics concept.

Original hackathon submission:

This project was originally an Android app, which you can download from here and experiment:

The idea behind this hackathon project is simply to have a research and experimentation project on a game I want to try to build and publish a full version out of for the Nintendo Wii U: a 3D cannon shooting game influenced from an exercise in Daniel Liang’s Introduction to Java Programming, 10th Edition. That textbook was used in my college programming course in the fall of 2013.

This kind of full-scale video game I want to make for the Nintendo Wii U is more for learning and practice purposes for video game co-ops I want to work on and get later, as part of my university education. It’s also a chance for me to learn and build an actual game for a video game console, which can be a big asset for certain companies. In April 2016, two months after making an application, I got accepted into Nintendo’s development program.

I would like you guys to see what you think of the overall concept of having a cannon slide back and forth to take down a bunch of enemies that are at the top of the screen before I go on ahead and work out the finances needed for this very long project.

Otherwise, I’m simply going to continue on learning Unity and practice the basics with different tutorials, videos, and a few more games I may make before and during this long project.

Some of the stages involved in building this kind of game for the Wii U would involve brainstorming, drafting out some ideas on paper, performing a little bit of artwork, research the technologies needed and experiment, then go on ahead and build the game from scratch. 3D modelling, texture editing and mapping, game programming, UI and UX design, sound and music composition, debugging, testing, QA, and building and publishing.

Source code and design © 2016 Gregory Desrosiers. http://gregpdessch.github.io

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From the wii u perspective it will be like a FPS? For a basic project its look very nive the illumination and the shadows are well done, it's a bit empty and a soundrack or more levels could be the next step. I like the a idea like a space invader game but in differents angles like in PvZ with the peashooter minigame. And could be better an different enemy like two shots with an X line of shooting?, But anyway I hope you can get to nintendo and be a great game designer!

GregoryDesrosiers responds:

It would not be an FPS. It's a fixed axis shooter kind of like Space Invaders or something.

In it's current state it's not much, but in a fully expanded game, possibly even in a larger Contra-esque world this could be very fun.

GregoryDesrosiers responds:

Well, for a start, I would build a full-scale version of it for the Nintendo Wii U, then depending on many different factors, perhaps try to build a version of it for Xbox One, PS4, I don't know. I'm simply concerned about the most relevant game concept.

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Sep 25, 2016
4:23 PM EDT
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