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Simple game where you must catch the drops with your mouse before they hit the bottom of the screen.

Combine drops of the same color and they will explode giving you points.

Please leave any feedback you have, if the game is too hard, too easy, too fast, too slow etc. I will consider all feedback carefully.

UPDATE: Increased the speed of the game greatly.


I think that the drops are a bit too slow for falling, the game doesn't explain what to do or what gives you a game over, and I think its a little boring if you die you have to start from 0 again. I think it would be a good game mobile, but it need updates or more levels, songs or simply a different theme, I like the mechanics tho so dont take as a bad review this is simply a feedback. Keep doing what do you like.

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piesay responds:

Thanks for your feedback.

This is the web version of a game available on Google Play so the gameplay is still being tweaked a lot. I have had to slow the gameplay down a lot for it to work with a mouse perhaps I overdid it.

Right now there is a bug where the top of the screen is being cut off so you can’t see your lives remaining there is a fix coming for that really soon.

There is a guide how to play under the start button but perhaps I should force everyone to watch the instructions before they start to play.

Great game a good concept.

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piesay responds:

Thanks for the review. I am still balancing the gameplay, do you think that it is too easy or slow at the start?

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2.83 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2016
7:08 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling