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That Plane Game

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~ Wow! Thanks for the feature :D


That Plane Game is a highly addictive arcade game. Master the single button controls to pull off amazing aerial stunts, as your plane soars high into the clouds or skims over the sea.

Enemy gunboats and planes will try to shoot you down. Move your plane around the attacks to dodge them, and watch as your enemies destroy each other instead! If you are a skilled pilot, you will make enemy planes crash into the sea by diving and pulling up at the last second!

(Just in case controls are not clear in game: press UP to move counter-clockwise; don't do anything and the plane will move clockwise)

(Game was inspired by Missiles! and Luftrauser/s)

1) Classic retro arcade gameplay.
2) Single button controls.
3) Easy to learn, hard to master.
4) Satisfying aerial movement and combat. Cool stunts await!
5) Achievements (only for Google Play).
6) Global Leaderboards (only for Google Play).
7) Unlock various different plane skins using the stars you collect in game!

Will you take your Plane to new heights? Will you be able to unlock all the available planes?

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it looks nice and that's about it

Fun little game, it's very satisfying when you barely miss the enemy plane while looping around it :)

I gotta say even though felt really weird at first, after a couple of times it was super fun! The only thing that it lacks (in my opinion as always) is a little better graphics and maybe some kind of lvl up system with power ups, but still keeping that limited buttons functions, Other than that good job m8!

Another bad port of mobile game on NG that brings nothing new.

If you like this game play dogfight2 instead. That's how plane games should be done!

esayitch responds:


Well, I'm sorry you didn't like it. I think the port is good (it is very similar to the original version), but maybe the game itself is just more suited for a mobile device.

Regarding dogfight 2, I actually really like it and would recommend people to play it regardless if they like this one or not. I would also recommend they play Luftrauser/s.

But, both those games are more complicated. For example dogfight 2 uses 4 buttons (2 for movement, 1 for shooting, 1 for bomb). Luftrauser/s uses 4 buttons as well, 3 for movement and 1 for shooting. I wanted mine to use only 1 button (because it was originally a mobile game that used single-touch mechanics - for simplicity's sake), so I had to simplify the gameplay. I'm still pretty proud of how it looks like right now, because you have several elements interacting with each other in dynamic and meaningful ways, and all of that is achieved with a single button/touch.

I obviously can't make everyone like it, but I hope that that explanation at least makes what I was going for clearer!

Thanks for playing :)

I see the potential this retro styled game could have. Only thing I did not like about this was that the plane moves in circles on its own if I don't press any keys. Maybe you could change it to where the Up/Down arrows could control the plane's path without having the plane move in circles on it's own. Just a suggestion. Other than all that, I did enjoy the game :)

esayitch responds:


I tried two control schemes to be honest, one and two button (or touch, on android). With two buttons, the plane would move in a straight line and you would have to press any of the two buttons to get it to move in any of the two directions. When I tried playing it with 2 button controls, it actually felt less natural, because if you were't pressing anything, you can get disoriented as to which button takes you up and which button takes you down.

Some trivia: I did the same thing with the previous game I ported from Android (Taco Trump Down), and in that game it felt more natural to have two buttons, so that is why I kept two buttons :D

tl;dr I tested it with 2 buttons, but a 1-button implementation felt more natural, so I kept that instead.