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Hi! I am Andreas and this is Lemonless, a crazy choice-based game idea I had a while ago about missing life opportunities..

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Creative and nice :) Loved seeking for all the different endings.
I wish you could get medals from the different endings though, or maybe include secret ones, but the game's still fun nonetheless.
I already said I'd keep up with your creations, so I'm waiting from something new! ^^

AwesomeAndreas responds:

Thank you! No worries, things are being made... :) In the meantime, you can check out the game-comic I made this december at "winterwontwait.blogspot.com" (I can't put a link here, sorry for that). But when you reach it, be sure to tell me how you liked it... :D

I like the "when life doesn't give you lemons" premise. I was okay without any sound (didn't even really notice until I read the comments), but I would've liked to see a section where we could see all of our endings, like a list. Medals would've been cool too.

All-in-all, I want to play more games like this!

AwesomeAndreas responds:

Thank youu! I'll really consider an achievements or medals page for future stuff... :)

nice idea
nice style
to bad they werent no combustible lemons
you dont make lemonade when life gives you lemon!

AwesomeAndreas responds:

Thank you! And you've got my interest right there... Should we call it a "Lemonotov Cocktail"?

I love the multiple endings. The art style is very good and the narrators reactions are grand. I have to admit my favorite part of the game was the narrator. I would recommend adding more sounds (I know it's too late and you'll add it in the later ones but it's still a review sorry). Also I enjoy you replying to the reviews. Good developers always take feedback : D

AwesomeAndreas responds:

Thank youu! And also thank you for enjoying that I'm thanking you right now.. Mind blown... :D

Personally, the art style is really appealing in this setting.
The endings are short, easy and fun. So much better than boring routine work.
Actually, the soundless part makes the gameplay pretty smooth for me.
If you are going to add sound to it, please do add the option to turn it off, too. :)
Thank you for creating the game!

AwesomeAndreas responds:

And thank YOU for the kind words... :D