Baseball RPG Home Run

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Swing and Hit as many baseballs as you can to buy bat upgrades in this casual RPG home run game. You can choose a man or woman batter. Try not to miss a baseball pitch and watch as the speed of the pitch increases! Easy to play, just click the screen to make the batter swing.


I found this to be entertaining for what it is, however I do have to agree with others that its lacking a little. I purchased the auto-swing and the game plays itself. I would suggest changing the value of auto to a much higher value. Having upgraded from the stick to the branch I was hoping the value of the coins would increase but found there was no point in purchasing the bat since distance is not an issue and the coin return is the same. The same goes for the background upgrades. There is also the title which states RPG but have yet to find any and the ticker is auto hitting away towards 600.

Laughably easy and incredibly basic. Once you get your first thousand "mulla", the game literally plays itself; while I'm typing this, the batter has been going in auto mode and hasn't missed a single ball since I clicked the button. And the other bats do nothing except add cosmetic appeal... the starting stick is exactly like the other three bats in the shop, with no improvements to monetary gain or apparent swing speed. It also gets obnoxiously annoying after a while, what with it repeating the same knock-and-twinkle sound effects every second or so.

You want entertainment? Look elsewhere... but I will say this in the game's defense: that kid managed to find himself the strongest branch in the entire world to serve as a baseball bat.

needs a bit of work to make it worth playing more then a few minutes. I have found nothing worth vesting any time into it...but your idea has great possabililtys if you think outside the box a bit :)

Good, only to pick up the coin have to click the mouse and thus lose time in the time to give it another shot, that's all the rest is all right.

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1.72 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2016
9:54 PM EDT
Sports - Other