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rated 3.01 / 5 stars
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Sep 19, 2016 | 12:13 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Casual game which can be played both individually and cooperatively.
Control a star (or two), and try to survive while attached in another one on a field full of asteroids and black holes!
Collect the little suns and the rope will be smaller until it disappear and you win the game! :)

WASD controls the red star, and directional controls the yellow one. USB controllers are welcome as well!
If you have any problems with a scrolling screen while using directional buttons, you may use IJKL keys! ;)

Play by yourself, or try it with a friend!


Jogo casual que pode ser jogado individualmente ou cooperativamente
Controle uma estrela (ou duas), e tente sobreviver, enquanto amarrado a outra estrela, nesse espaço cheio de asteróides e buracos negros!
Capture os sols para a corda ir diminuindo até ela sumir e você ganhar o jogo! :)

WASD controla a estrela vermelha, e os direcionais controlam a amarela. Controles USB são bem-vindos!
Se você tiver problemas com a tela rolando enquanto usa os direcionais, pode usar as teclas IJKL! ;)

Jogue sozinho ou com um amigo!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

o jogo é bom.
boa sorte para vocês.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Hopefully you two creators won't take offense to a 2.5-star review; in fact, I loved the game, and I have some suggestions that (I believe) would make the game more complete.

The objective of this game, as I understand, is to survive an onslaught of asteroids either as a team or an individual until the rope disappears. However, I feel that looking at the standalone rope length does not provide enough feedback to the player(s) that they're succeeding; an on-screen measure of rope length (either as a number or a meter) would communicate progress more effectively to the player. While I understand that collecting sun objects is supposed to be positive in your game, the sound effect which plays upon collection carries a negative connotation because it's a descending scale. I feel that the "sun collect" noise should be played upon game over; for further evidence, listen to the "life lost" jingles of both The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. Change the "sun collect" noise to something more positive so that the player would know to collect it. Finally, as a minor complaint, I suggest spawning the obstacles outside of the game window, because in the game's current state, hazards materialize out of thin air below the top screen boundary.

I particularly enjoyed how the challenge incrementally increased; you seemed to introduce new obstacles (horizontally moving asteroids) over time. I also found that it's nearly impossible to get stuck due to glitches, so I feel that you handled "no-win" cases well.

I sincerely hope that you consider these changes, and I must thank you very much for creating this game.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice fellow, what engine you used, has a good concept but it's a little difficult.

ThiagoWittmann responds:

We've used the JS engine Phaser, with P2 physics.
I agree it's a little difficult. We are going to make it a little bit easier with an incremental difficulty.
Thanks for your review! :)