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A love song from a Tick to a cat.

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I like it

personnotstudying responds:

Haha thanks for all the love Will! <3

Decent musical accompaniment, shame it didn't sound more saturated and tonal (record in a pillow fort!), but I liked it a lot. Quite simple, but still conveys the 'tick wanna get w/ teh cat' vibe perfectly. Um, is that you playing the ukulele (whoops, you spelled the tag wrong)?

Prime example of Newgrounds goodness, a little missive from someone who has a life, and decided to spend a few moments to create a special little something. Not for fame or fortune, just because it felt like the right thing to do, the simple joy of completing an entertaining computer file.

personnotstudying responds:

Oh! I didn't see that mistake. I just changed it :) And why, thank you! You're too kind. This was a quick song I recorded on my iphone while I was trying to serenade my cat (and badly too). I'll learn to sing one day lol

Eh, It's aight.

personnotstudying responds:

I'll take that as a compliment! Thank you!

Cute little animation, glad the tick never gets to "loving" the cat. :P

personnotstudying responds:

Oh ho ho, thank you! Your compliments seem even better with the cute icon you have ^^

clever idea, nicely designed,drawn+nicely executed...
this was a very nice, fluid animation, with good visuals, a fresh idea, and with solid humour...
great work!
keep it up

personnotstudying responds:

Why, thank you! And for the ratings too!