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{IKstudios} Presents Zelda a Jerkoff Adventure!

rated 1.76 / 5 stars
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Sep 18, 2016 | 5:12 PM EDT

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{IKstudios} Presents Zelda a Jerkoff Adventure!
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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Personally, I don't like being teased or commanded. But, that has nothing to do with the time and effort you put into this animation. Fuck the haters. This is good work and will most likely only get better. Plus, come on. It's Zelda. Automatic win, in my book.

ikstudios responds:

I constantly get threats for posting 3d from 2d artist on NG. Admins help them and are against me.There was some exodus a great battle of 3d and 2d artist they were run off NG.

That's why all the 3d artist are on tumblr now.

That's the way it was explained to me in my discord chat with other content providers.

this was in 2010-2011 I think I am restarting their battle. And i dont know why or how lol!

Thats why i was battling them at 1st I did'nt know where it came from.

It apperently has to do with the great 3d/2d artist battle they had.

And NG 2d artist despise 3d artist with a hated passion

which is so dumb I draw too I have a wacom tablet autodesk sketch toon boom etc.

im just not using those skillsets for this production cause its not 2d lol

This track I did not like the audio either but it rendered perfectly out of all the ones in my library

So that's why I went with it.

Technique I used :

This is coded lip sync I am re learning these techniques in SFM. Its done differently in c4d & maya

This Animation test was Coded lip sync I did not animate the lips my script did.

Now Making models talk manual or scripted lip sync its EZ AF

and as you see i did use all those test in this rig test.

ya it should get better i do have 10 yrs animation on my skillset but i will have some hiccups knocking rust off

My Korra project is flawless and fully voiced rigged too!!!

The reason I chose JOI is its mainly one model talking with no background music or noise and is EZ to clean up in adobe audition I vocal enhanced this dialogue and cleaned up any clicks/background noises.

As well i was testing SFM readability on a cleaned up radio cleanup on a voice wav and how it was read by the lip sync script

I have all the testing done and yes can do spit out perfection.

takes time tho>< and testing.

The animation was crappy I only did some basic movements I was fully focues on the lip scripting

I am now onto PHYSX scripting in SFM. I have mastered this techique easily and now will be using physx scipting logic in futue animations.

I have got into the advanced SDK for Physx but I have only rigged the walls and floor to react for now.

Rigging a model to physx will definetly take time as it is one of the most advanced technique's

EST time of learning 2-3 weeks to master its a 3rd tier skillset tho><

Whats that mean??

It means I can blast a model in face with fluids and it will slide off their chin etc.

Car will be able to break through OBJ poly walls and destroy it based off logic explosions smoke logic

and much much more.

I will be making alot of JOI 3d videos in the future its a EZ powerful Template.

Now that I have mastered lip scripting I will concentrate more on fluid movements during animation sets

This test was done when I think I had SFM for about 20 hours. Really early I was still looking for all the 3d tools and learning its structure.

I know where almost everything is now. Found forces can use wind gravity deformers physx lip syncing advanced rigging.

Things are alot different now. I need a lil time when ina new proggy to see where the standards are put.

Each program names and does things slightly diff but the same.

These Plebs have 0 idea about what they are talking about 99% of the time ignore the peanut gallery

Dont worry bout the haters just dont feed the trolls.

they will cry like lil girls if you say anything back and cry to admin over and over.
And try to get me banned for their trolling .

they already tried to troll me off NG im not going anywhere

there trying to bait us its a child's game.

Just let em cry like the lil babies they are they can't do shit if you ignore em

Prob a fat jiggly puff SJW Feminazi's LOL I triggured em!

This comment will prob be removed by an admin and my chat priviliages will be banned again. and I havnt done anything but uploaded a video

The struggle is real!

The cake is a lie!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I guarantee a lot of these guys talking mess are going to be paying too see your art 2 -3 months from now. Keep working hard man.

ikstudios responds:

ty man that means alot


Rated 2 / 5 stars

the 3d model looks good, but thats all i can say, the audio is terrible, the animation is boring and pointless, and yeah... sorry, but thats all i got.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

Really, it simply wasn't good.
The audio was terribly poor (I could barely hear anything it was saying), the animation was 3D, sure, but the movement of everything was terrible.
0/10 would not watch again.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Just some thoughts:

The audio isn't very good, not very clear and clean. Sounds like the default mic was used on a laptop. And the movement was very sharp and non-natural. It was also odd how the textures moved but the texture around the moving area did not.

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