Attack of the Killer Fetuses (DEMO)

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Play as a pissed off young woman who refuses to accept militant pro-lifers of the evil organization called Republican Breed telling women what to do. Mow down the evil fetuses created by these baby-batting rednecks to take over the world.

(Don't get offended. I'm gonna be shitting on liberals in the future as well.) ;)


I wholeheartedly agree with your views, there are too many shitty humans on this planet and people need to stop breeding. However, the game itself does not run well. I recommend using mouseclick or spacebar to shoot.

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littlegreengamer responds:

I was actually working on the mouse technique but wasn't that good at it. But thank youvery much for playing. :)

Hello dude.

Gotta admit this was sadistically fun but still needs a bit of "fleshing out" but this is a demo so that's understandable.

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littlegreengamer responds:

Thank you very much. Judging from all the trouble I'm having just trying to get Unity 5 and Clickteam Fusion to work, it'll probably be a cold day in Hell before I ever get the full project done. But I truly appreciate your positive words. :)

Great game so far! only criticisms for full release would be higher definition textures (like the trailers in the trailer park), easier controls (like fire/shoot being click instead of "L" cause fuck "L"), also the controls could be a bit more responsive (I found myself getting stuck unable to control my character for 10-15 seconds after running into the border of the game or the "trailers")
But otherwise great concept and delivery. (P.S. Totally agree with you there #ProChoice)

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The game doesn't offend me, it just doesn't play well. I can't tell if I'm doing any damage, and the enemies don't really seem to be too concerned with my presence.

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littlegreengamer responds:

It's cool. I'm not offended. If anything, I'm offended by Clickteam Fusion's useless nature. I don't know what I hate more - that program or Unity 5. Both of those programs have literally driven me into drinking.

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2.07 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2016
11:02 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional