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MadTown - Rumps Space Wall

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Author Comments

Mark is in shock and fear as president ronald rump brings grave news and promotes his plan to build a new type wall to protect the usa!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorDanger/


If only we could just tell illegal immigran... I mean illegal meteors to not illegally cross our borders into the United States. Brilliant! Good thing illegal immigran... i mean illegal "meteors" don't commit any crime... I mean don't leave impact craters on the United States. Good thing because that's double plus good. This analogy totally doesn't have anything wrong with it.

If you are going to create a strawman, at least couch it in something that isn't easily debunked by a quick google search. Your strawman is that the only reason Ronald Rump wants a wall is because he and by extension his supports are racist dicks, and totally doesn't have anything to do with "meteor" crime sprees or blatant disregard for the constitution and other laws of the United States. And on top of that you have the audacity to say that millions of undocumented "meteors" are "statistically insignificant" when it comes to crimes such as rape, murder, drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution, slave labor, sweat shops, etc...

Good job at dehumanizing the victims of meteor rape, murder, drug and human trafficking, and the trampling of our nations laws.

Illegal "meteors" have been entering the U.S.A. for over 100+ years. This crisis has been brewing on the political back-burner this entire time, and politicians only response has been to promise immigration reform, then defund it and give millions of illegal "meteors" amnesty, but still leaving the border wide open so that the next generation has to deal with it. Well, we have been dealing with it for at least 100+ years and by golly we are going to fix it when Ronald Rump gets elected president.

If we are going to use analogies, lets pretend the United States is your house. Do you lock your house? Do you let anyone who wants to enter your house, enter your house? Do you lets any random person eat the food out of your fridge? Use your computer, bathroom, or dryer/washer? Do you allow random people to steal your money, jewelry, or appliances out of your house? If you answered "No" to any of the above, then you believe in borders. Your house's locked door is a border that keep "meteors" you do not want out of your house. And by extension, a border wall along the United States would keep illegal and/or undesirable "meteors" out of the United States of America. If you believe in locking your front door, but no in a border wall, then you are a hypocrite.

As far as animation is concerned, this is really, really, really basic stuff. Could use some more polish.

Marcprime9 responds:

The meteor bit was making light of the fact that scientists are saying that in the next few years a meteor will pass between the earth and moon that could if put slightly off course destroy earth

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Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2016
9:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody