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Ditto Love

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Hi there, here's a little doodle animation that i decided to post in the end. It lacks plot so- basically charmander doesn't want ditto and ditto loves everything- charmander burns himself (MAKES NO SENSE) also charmander has no flame on his tail for some reason (MAKES NO SENSE I KNOW IM SORRY). Feel free to critique this sub-par filler work.

Check out my Youtube as well: https://www.youtube.com/TheGingerPale

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Rest In peace Charmander...

Little piece could use some more views, to better determine the public sentiment on it.

GingerPale responds:

You have quite thorough feedback and I enjoy it, thank you for your contributions

Not bad.... but poor Charmander took his life. Very depressing. :(

GingerPale responds:

:( its a sad life for charmander

You know, the plot was definitely communicated through the work. I appreciate the written piece below in the author comments, but it was fine without them. The music was fittingly goofy, and I really liked your design for Charmander--especially the ditto version.

Nice work!

GingerPale responds:

Thanks a lot :)

Not bad dude! The audio was a little compressed but it was still pretty good. Nice job!

GingerPale responds:

Damn swivel ruining everything