Date City V1

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This is V1 of my virtual city where you can date different women, buy them gifts, go out and do different activities and have fun. V1 introduces Hannah and has 2 locations and 3 sex scenes. Plan is to keep the city updated with new dates and locations.


What's with the massive over-gain on the voice clips? They're distorted to hell, it's weird.

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Nice graphics and the girls were really hot. I especially liked the flower shop girl, love blondes with dark skin! The red head was also hot, and even though I'm usually not of fan of freckled body's Hannah pulled it off.
I think the orgasm bar needs to fill faster, or better yet be removed (a timer makes me impatient and something about being forced to wait for an animation to loop several times irks me, even if I wind up watching it longer than I'm forced to) and having the mouse right over the action is distracting. Some sound would also be nice.
I liked that there is both vaginal and oral sex. It'd be great if anal was put in too in the future. Overall, this was great and I can't wait to see more of this!

Hi there!
You are starting something:
The animations are pretty good (Animating with Daz models is complicated and a hard job), but you need to make better transitions in conversations... some fades between images, they image changes look rough.

Furthermore, make dialogues more important, and put a smart introduction to attract players!

Sick of the music, your games had been loosing originality and innovation. Hope you can come back up.

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Good start. I agree with SweetGeorge that the audio is too loud and there really needs to be a way to turn off the music. Also, the first date with Hannah, every click and she changes to a new pose...it looks like she can't sit still. Finally, it's too easy. The sex should be a reward for completing a challenge, not simply as easy as returning to the flower store.

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2.79 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2016
10:35 AM EDT
Adventure - Other