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"Hade" is a small puzzler made in a minimalist style.

Game mechanics is based on the manipulation of the movement direction by placing objects on the field. With trials and errors player must find right order of positioning to solve the puzzle.

With progression you discover new elements. It brings various new mechanics. Old schemes stopped working and you need to improve your problem-solving skills all the time.


Hold LMB to move elements.
Press RMB to rotate them.
Press LMB on any grabber to launch collectors.
Spacebar key BTW also lanuches them, it can save you some time.
Press any mouse button during launch to return into building mode.

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Great game and overall a good exercise for the brain which I might need to rest now that I'm done with that lol. :)

Nice puzzles, but I wish the UI had more music or a little more color to keep it visually interesting as well as cerebral.

Very interesting puzzle game that plays a little different from the rest. Removing limitations such as limited arrow movement and health is a great concept and will go very appreciated. The visuals match the music and overall add a nice and fitting atmosphere.

Very Intresting


This is well thought out, well designed, and well crafted! All the aesthetics point towards that minimalism core. The gameplay is simple and clever. I beat level 24 feeling very accomplished! I do have a few complaints and suggestions about a couple things, but none of them kept me from enjoying every moment of this game.

The graphics, while simple, clearly differentiate each object and its purpose. The simple shapes gave clear indications of what each object did. I like the contrast of the bright puzzle elements against the dark sky, it really helped each element stick out. The simple choice in gray-scale with a splash of red or blue here and there, made it easy to identify elements to aim for and elements to avoid. The color is flavorful without being so vibrant that it becomes distracting. Letting each usable element enlarge when mousing over it helps the player quickly identify whether an item can be interacted with or not. It is a small gesture, but important nonetheless. The graphics work in tandem with the gameplay and the music.

The soft, ambient music was very fitting, and varied just enough to not become repetitive. I did not notice the loop transition until I was done playing, which is great! While it is soft, the music was full enough (as in: covering the frequency spectrum) that it acted as a sort of white noise to help block out audible distractions. However, I would recommend attenuating the volume of the sound effects just a tiny bit. It is not critical, but it would have helped reign in my focus on the gameplay.

As for the gameplay itself, the variation in such simple mechanics made for very interesting puzzles and the difficulty curve was well crafted. Each new element was added right after I became confident in the last, keeping me on my toes. Whenever a new element was introduced, the initial level layout helped highlight the element's function. (the only exception would be level 20, I would have placed the breakable arrow in the launcher's path as part of the initial setup) Here is my complaint about the difficulty curve. While it was smooth and the transitions between each level felt natural, I would recommend letting the difficulty have some back-pedaling once in a while. One level is easy, the next level is hard, the third harder, but the fourth might take a small step back and become a bit easier before turning up the difficulty again on the fifth. This whole process helps the player feel smarter after a couple levels because they can accomplish one with ease every so often. It is very much akin to leveling up in an RPG, everything gets a little easier until the difficulty goes up again.

All in all, this game is fantastic. Keep up the amazing work! I cannot wait to see more!