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Dunce 5 Points

Probably just a pretty face...

Respect The Police 10 Points

Don't antagonise someone with a gun

Educate The Electorate 25 Points

The more involved we get, the more efficient the system gets

No More Beers 25 Points

Good luck with the whole sobriety thing!

Smartster 50 Points

Look at you! You know a bit about criminology!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


Alright, so I've been debating with myself for a while whether I actually want to release it. This project has been by far the biggest thorn in my side as a flash developer. Because of using the scanned in drawings the whole game took up a shitload of memory in order to work. By the time I was done I couldn't get the thing to work anymore so I had to literally cut half of the art, remove any traces of music, scrap some conversation options and kill the majority of the quiz. After spending enough time with the game I can't say I like the script too much either but eh.
After nearly a week of trying to figure out this fucker I got this. I can't say I'm overly proud of it but I figured I wouldn't let the whole project burn down, I worked hard on this thing and I wouldn't want to let the art and voice acting go to waste.
There's a small hiccup in the code that I just can't fix because flash keeps on crashing on me whenever I open it. After this game on we're moving on to digital drawings with smaller file-sizes and better quality. Pinky promise.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy what I managed to salvage. If not, look for the next game. It's going to be better.


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for how much you have to replay to see everything, you could at least make the staring spiel prior to the quiz skip-able in some way after seeing it the first time. not bad, just slow and tedious, with no real payoff; an incomplete promise. without fulfilling that promise, do you really loose anything by dropping the "adult" content? Especially for all the preaching of reform, youd expect trying to get as many people seeing it as possible, which is limited by a rating people rarely dig into for anything more than PRIVATE entertainment.

holy shit this is hilarious

5 stars for wokeness and for giving good advice.


Before starting the game, you can click the pink text at the bottom for a SEEECRET AACHIEVMEEEENT! OooOO~! Also sometimes it fails to load. In fact, sometimes the entire game fails to load. Giving it a minute usually works.

Fuck The Police: You get an achievement and restart. Do it.

I'm Too Hungover For This: You will receive a long spiel about alcoholism, student debt, and Architecture. Also you start the quiz.

Clicking "fought the law" option is the same as having too much to drink.

Don't click on Police Brutality or she goes on a long spiel about Police Demonization and politics. There is no skipping this, but you do get a newgrounds badge for a porn game that will forever remain on your account, if that is your thing.

Crimanloid: A Criminal with a Non-Criminal Vibe.

Malum in Se: Crimes that are inherently wrong, such as crimes that are wrong in all contexts regardless of their actual legal standing. ( e.g. Like doing blow, cutting your dealers throat, and pulling his tongue through in international waters. Is it illegal? IDK. Is it wrong? Probably? Is it evil? Definitely. )

Comstock Laws: Obstructed the trade of Obscene Literature. Like this game.

Homicidal Monomania: The game wants you to pick "An obsession with Murder." In actuality, it isn't a real term. It is the combination of Homicidal, denoting the desire to kill ones own kind, and Monomania, which describes a single defect in an otherwise sound mind. Monomania isn't used in modern medicine.

If you answer wrong three times you get the Dunce achievement.

DeSaGames responds:

Haha, ah man, reading that made my Christmas eve. I haven't thought about these games in months and reading this just made me replay the game since I released it.

Apologies for the broken loading things, I don't think I ever did figure out how to properly work ActionScript.

Thanks for writing a review!