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Happy Birthday Ted

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Happy Birthday Ted

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Well this was fun. :) Imagine if you could customize this with a name of your choosing, and send it to anyone you like... could make for a really cool Birthday card! And of course, I'm wondering now: who's Ted? :P Nice little interactive bit of fun here! And whomever he is: Happy Very Belated Birthday!


i turned on this game for my son and he told and left for two hours. he gave me a thourough rating of this when i got back. the worst ever

Not much in the way of a "GAME", but it was kinda fun to watch. And the art is pretty cool and fine looking (although the female charas. KINDA look alike overall....).

Nice flash "game(?)".

Okay, okay, I do understand that the game is about Ted's birthday. Also, the music is pretty good. But, some parts are just... I'm not feeling it, you know. I'm not feeling the atmosphere of the occasion.

Welp, happy birthday Ted... I guess?