Blind Typer

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Simple3 5 Points

Play Practice mod

Arrows 3 10 Points

Beat arrows level 3 with at least 9 of 10 points

Arrows2 10 Points

Bet arrows level 2 with a last 9 of 10 points

Simple1 10 Points

Win level 1 on Arrow test

Arrows4 25 Points

Beat arrows level 4 with at least 9 of 10 points

Letters 2 25 Points

Beat letters level 2 with at least 9 of 10 points

Letters 3 25 Points

Beat letters level 3with at least 9 of 10 points

Letters 4 25 Points

Beat letters level 4 with at least 9 of 10 points

Simple2 25 Points

Win level 1 on Letters test

Letters 5 50 Points

Beat letters level 5 with at least 9 of 10 points

Letters 6 50 Points

Beat letters level 6 with at least 9 of 10 points

Blind Arrow 100 Points

Win level 5 on Arrow Mode

Blind Typer 100 Points

Win Level 7 on Letters Mode

Author Comments

1. put your Hearing to practice
2. you can test your typing skills
3. this is a way to start to learn how to type without see the keyboard
4. your children can learn ABC by typing and playing
5. a Blind Friend can learn to type, practice and have fun with this sound game
6. Non english speaker can learn the ABC
7. very small file made on retro pixel art on 32x32 resolution

- **Practice mode:** Any key letter you press will show you the letter and it will sound like the letter
- **Letter Test Mode:** a voice will lead you, listen the letter and then press the right letter key, you need 6 of 10 points to past to the next level
- **Arrow Test Mode:** this is an easy test with just the arrow keys, listen the directions then press the right arrow key
- **TRUST MODE:** you can press Ctrl any time on game to turn full black, trust me you can play this game without any graphics or by closing your eyes, just trust your ears. just click the screen to turn the lights on

Keys: All letter Keys will be test, arrows too

Press + to Restart a Level

press Ctrl to black the screen and play without see

Press Esc on level to go back to main menu

Press left to go back level
Press Right to go Next Level
Press Down to Restart Level

made for Low Rez jam and Accessibility Jam

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lol sometimes it wont say the letter i guess you just have to guess pretty glitchy.
-im so dumb i just realized it. LEFT DOESENT HAVE A SOUNDCLIP. you pretty much have to pay close attention to the tv and when it does a soundwave with no sound thats when you press left.
well got the medals at least, gotta memorize which letter is which when it says b/d/p/m/n.

This "game" lets you practice and get faster on your keyboard.

I like the idea but there are too many glitches. On another note, medals did not seem to work for me

I can't hear too well and this game was almost impossible for me. I am interested in what program you used to synthesize those voices though.

I couldn't finish the game ;-; but it was good. The only thing i didn't like was the fact that the screen was very little, and also i couldn't read some of the letters.
but it's a good game and i think everybody should play it.

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2016
10:27 PM EDT
Skill - Typing
  • GameMaker Studio
  • Daily 4th Place September 12, 2016