Grim Legions

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Grim Legions is a fantasy turn-based strategy game, played on a hex grid. In Grim Legions, you control units that move around the map trying to capture towns. Each turn, the towns recruit more units. The aim of the game is simply to wipe out your enemy (destroy all their troops and capture all their towns). There can be up to 4 players, and you can make alliances with other players.

There are three different types of troop: infantry, archers and cavalry. There's not much difference between these types, archers are just better than infantry, and cavalry better than archers. Unlike a lot of other games, you can combine multiple troop types in one unit (or "legion"), and you can split and merge them as much as you like.

Map generation is randomized, but you have a lot of control over it. E.g. if you get sick of your units taking ages to move through the mountains, you can just generate a map without mountains. You can also decide how much of the map you want to be water (which no troops can move through), from 0% to 60%. There are also 3 map sizes to choose from. This means - despite the relatively simple gameplay - there are quite a few different scenarios. You can end up spending a lot more time playing this game than you think!

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this is great, but where's the controls?

Similar to a dumbed down version of civilization that I used to play on a 286, so I don't know why it takes 5s to select the next legion when I only have 5 of them on the map? Or to reselect it if I want to move 1 hex at a time while exploring.

Plus is that I don't have to decide every building in every town and build/upgrade them one at a time.
Another plus is that the mouse wheel works for zooming, and you can right click to pan the map.

Clean up the code a bit and maybe I can play long enough to experience battles.

The overall game is great, although simplistic, but I've had a lot of script crashes with 4 players on the large map. Perhaps that can be corrected.

Mutant-nz responds:

Hi... I've just uploaded a new version which should address some of these issues. As well as adding some new stuff! Enjoy

Im really enjoying the work in this! the flags are a bit boring to look at. maybe some charaters? the art its pretty great, and i really enjoy the AI in this. keep up the great work

Mutant-nz responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Tutorial mission should be added to the game.

Mutant-nz responds:

Thanks, we'll definitely look into that. The game is still in development, so there should be more releases coming soon.

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3.11 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2016
11:42 PM EDT
Strategy - Other