SIMSEH: Milkania

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The second installment to the SIMSEH series.

Press B for an ingame menu.

Henshi returns in SIMSEH: Milkania with his mission to rebuild the Viridian legacy. While approaching the Milkanian atmosphere something goes awry and things start looking as if the world woke up in the wrong side of the bed. A sex-crazed alien and a spunky computer program attempt to become the masters of their own destinies and become unlikely heroes in the process!


Version 1.1e:
1. Added some button press indicators during sex mini-games.
2. Fixed some typos.
3. Added Transcendium gain while in the fastest position during the Transcendium fusion charging scene.

Version 1.0e changes:
1. Removed the Elven sentinel in the Pulsar "backdoor" area.
2. Revised the code for pressing space during grab scenarios, it should be easier and each level gives substantial boosts.
3. The 'drive' stat now also governs an additional Transcendium bonus that is recieved during orgasms.

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is there a any walkthrough? cuz this game is kinda hard

lots of text becomes unreadable depending on where you start the conversation, and with many one time dialogs, it can leave you stumped. the aggressive elves have awkward hit boxes, as do many other interactive objects. the screen is a bit too close to the character, with no way to scout around you. there are multiple occasions where you either dont realize you can drop to a lower level, or when you do, you are ambushed by an enemy you cant see until it is too late.
the 20 "seedlings" are far more of a grind in this one than the previous. in the first one, most "seedlings" were preset npcs with a very basic puzzle to solve (though often only "be level X to affect target"), and the few aggressive spawn enemies were coded to specific areas so there was a finite cap. in this one, i have encountered only 2 npc "seedlings", with the rest being random fights, and one crew member that doesnt count. the first game wasnt perfect by any stretch, but this one feels like it has MUCH bigger flaws.

Name of song

Might have been posted before and I missed it, but when the game loads up, since the first time a few days ago, it just skips to the first scene with the android "Standing" there after pressing space to load. I then have no control responsiveness whatsoever. Any way to fix this? Anybody else having the same issue?

PS: I remember it was a good game long ago when I played it. I would like to again.

how do you get into the mansion opposite to the neilsen's house?

d-z responds:

If you are playing SIMSEH 1, there should be a walk through somewhere out there... Thanks for playing the game! :-)

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2.89 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2016
10:13 PM EDT
Adventure - Other