SIMSEH: Milkania

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The second installment to the SIMSEH series.

Press B for an ingame menu.

Henshi returns in SIMSEH: Milkania with his mission to rebuild the Viridian legacy. While approaching the Milkanian atmosphere something goes awry and things start looking as if the world woke up in the wrong side of the bed. A sex-crazed alien and a spunky computer program attempt to become the masters of their own destinies and become unlikely heroes in the process!


Version 1.1e:
1. Added some button press indicators during sex mini-games.
2. Fixed some typos.
3. Added Transcendium gain while in the fastest position during the Transcendium fusion charging scene.

Version 1.0e changes:
1. Removed the Elven sentinel in the Pulsar "backdoor" area.
2. Revised the code for pressing space during grab scenarios, it should be easier and each level gives substantial boosts.
3. The 'drive' stat now also governs an additional Transcendium bonus that is recieved during orgasms.


great game,but is there a reason tier four buffs dont register when i get them? system still says the skill is at 3

why dont u use the old animation style, this new one is lazy

d-z responds:

Quite the contrary, this uses fbf, only the heads are smat objects. Simseh 1 is all ik.

produced much jizz, thanks. Sequel?

d-z responds:

Thanks for playing, a sequel is in progress.


sorry, I fapped so much that I had to wipe the keyboard while writing this review, definitely 5 stars!
Just a personal thought though... more sex-able characters, especially the ones like the elf queen, such nicely done animations ( . )( . )

So, I like the idea for the game, but the girls keep sliding through walls and making it impossible for me to hit them. Even when they don't do that they knock me down a floor and then I jump back up and they knock me down again. If you have any tips for how to do the sex scenes, or normal combat, I would be thrilled to hear it. If you could fix the problem where sometimes you die even though you have health remaining that would be great.

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2.83 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2016
10:13 PM EDT
Adventure - Other