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Galactic Empire

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Author Comments

Galactic Empire is a 2D strategy game in which you need to take possession of all the planets in the galaxy to win. You will start the game with a single planet under your domain like the rest of enemies and thereafter you have to attack conquered or unconquered planets to take possession of them . You will have a standard, continuous and infinite attack you can increase its speed, frequency and damage. You will also have a planetary improvement for each conquest you achieve, so you can assign to the planet an additional attack (damage, reduction of enemy attack or prohibition of enemy healing) or focus on his defense (healing shield of immunity, revive)


Option to choose music.
Elements of actual strategy besides "choose that one instead of other".
SLOW!! Both movement of unitsand scrolling through map feel annoingly sluggish (it could be my PC but I dont think so.
Decent graphics.
Strategic pause.

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LeandroCarron responds:

Thank you... It is very important to me know what player feel when play my game. I would pay attention to movement and scrolling in my proyects. In other review i get a positive point too for the option to choose music, I`ll try to include in all my games :) Thank you linkolek

Umm..... how does this work? I click on things, and sometimes they load a menu, sometimes they don't, all I can do is move, HOW DO I PLAY?

LeandroCarron responds:

You own a planet at start.. to select it just touch that planet(you will see 2 moons rotating around it and remember you just can select your own planets). After that, you must touch another planet to start attack from your selected planet. When you conquer a planet you will see 6 options to chose, just chose one(if you want to know about this 6 option just pause de game using stratgic pause and then touch the info icon in the right-down corner). The game has a guide to orientate players.

Too hard. Please add easier difficulties.

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LeandroCarron responds:

Enemies start with a little reduction of speed attack and they don't attack until you select your first target. If you use StrategicPause you could create your strategy easily. Other people said me about difficult, I know it is hard but I hate easy games :)

First off, getting greeted with that variety of BGM for any given game and that many settings was quite nice. Player customization is never inherently bad.

The game offers a lot of room for strategic depth, especially with the blessing that is strategic pausing, and seems fairly prone to snowballing. Playing 15 planets, 1 enemy makes it painfully aware the game wasn't designed to be played on such small confines, and although I haven't tested it out yet I theorize it was either balanced more towards either 48/7 or 24/4. Not that this is a bad thing, just that smaller games seem to snow ball and end up rather one sided.

Keep up the good work. I'm curious to see how this and/or future projects evolve.

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Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2016
10:00 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)