Does Hot Snow Fall Up?

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Move with the arrow keys, select with Z, cancel with X.

Game I made back 2013 for a contest where you had to create a winter themed game in a month. Does Hot Snow Fall Up? was my entry. Now, a few years later, I have ported it to html5.

Please send me a PM if you find any bugs!


Nice game bro kinda buggy tho

It crashed with an error when I was told to go talk to the alien nut. Reloaded and it had me walk around a black void. Tried again, and now it errors when I try to play. Was interesting from what I saw. I only wish I knew how it ended.

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I really enjoyed playing this. Love the style, and the story is pretty good as well. I liked the music, it added a little more atmosphere to the whole thing. Solid game.

Reviewing time:
Your idea of having snowmans everywhere is very cute in my opnion. Although the game end is somehow quite creepy to me.
But this game ( I guess ) is made by an old version of RPG Maker and I can be much better.
The graphic can be improved a lot to make this a great game.
3.5 stars for you

Deklaration responds:

That's true, good eye. Made in an old version and scaled up for MV.
Thanks for playing, and sorry for the creepy ending!

well... its a game i guess... Idk. As a person whos played a decent amount of rpg maker games. this is honestly a bit lower on the list but with a month to spare .. meh... no real meat to it. has a beggining middle end das about it. : / interesting music choice.

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3.14 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2016
8:37 PM EDT
Adventure - Other