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Edit 2009:
The starting episode of the Castle series is very old and as my flash skills had not yet been very developed, the result was pretty crappy. But nostalgia never the less.


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I know the dragon is ugly but I can't draw him better


I like the movie but not all the movie

The movie overall was really good expecialy when the view of the face...i've never seen something that good before. The only 1 bad thing was...U KILLED A DRAGON! NO, THAT IS BAD. Trust me u don't want to get on our bad side. KK, no more killing dragons.

Nice, very nice.

The animation was awesome and the ideas were mapped out really well. Like it was said before, maybe work on the dragon, length, and other sound effects to make it better, but that's it.

Oh, BTW, nice touch with the "Legend-of-Zelda-Ocarina-of-T ime-you're-about-to-get-attac ked-by-an-enemy" music. It took me a while to place it, but I knew I'd heard it before.


That was pretty cool. The animation was superb, especially the stick animation. :)

The only ways i could suggest to improve it, would be to make it longer, get some sound effects & work a little harder on the non-stick animation (eg. dragon).

You arn't an animater...

please dont go tell your friends that you can animate... because you cant, you know how to draw sticks and use motion tweens, Sticks are what they are... what they are in my opinion is pathetic, a lazy excuse for somebody to try and get noticed, I dont expect premium quality from anybody here on AP... but few people try, you arnt one of them, like myself, many other viewers will have rated on zero because you used sticks, cant you take an extra hour or two to draw a decent character?

not bad

Nice stick movie...the beginning part wasn't that exciting, but it started getting more interesting as it went along. What is that green book for? Good animation/story.

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3.63 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2002
9:16 AM EST

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