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Edit 2009:
The starting episode of the Castle series is very old and as my flash skills had not yet been very developed, the result was pretty crappy. But nostalgia never the less.


Original comment:
I know the dragon is ugly but I can't draw him better


wat was that about?????????????

that was just a stick figue runing from a stick dragon and killing it, not bad though just sort out the graphics and tell us wat is going on and it would but quite good.

It was crappy, not original, but I've seen worse.

It seems part 2 of castle is promising, from the reviews I've seen for it (hopefully), but the original castle wasn't good, the highest score I gave it is 5 for sound, the rest below 5.., anyways nice try, I'll give you this though, I've seen worse.

P.S. Your right, the dragon is ugly.

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta.

Not bad. But not good either.

Ive just watched Castle 2 and its obvious you've improved since you did this. The graphics are too simple, and look too MS Paint-like. It seems a bit pointless overall but at least Castle 2 redeems it.

Quite Good

That was an all-around good flash, though I have seen better. Of course, I am writing this review after I have seen your newest: Castle II, so my opinion may be a tad tainted. The graphics were fair, not that great, not that bad. Song was a good choice, and the tomb/castle-raiding theme was a nice twist that I have seldom seen in flash movies. Good job.

not bad...the dragon wasnt drawn too badly.

not bad,it could've been better. i went into it thinking the dragon was gonna be some horrible drawing stuck onto everything else that was drawn well.
there wasnt a whole lot of fighting in it,besides the petit gunfire scene at the end.
other than that,not a bad flick. im hoping there's gonna be a castle lll,because the second one was sweet

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3.63 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2002
9:16 AM EST

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