Stick Figure Fighting Warrior - The 3D Animation

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The ancient legends tell tales of ancient artifacts of power located in ruins scattered throughout the universe. The origin of the artifacts is a mystery, but many believe they were created by a very advanced ancient civilization.
A stickman fighter is a born warrior, made for battle. Each and every one of them is seeking these powerful artifacts. It is said the power of the artifacts is the key to make one become the legendary Stick Figure Fighting Warrior.
This 3D animation shows what happens when two stickmen meet on an artifact site. It's a fight animation, so don't expect to see much of the story.

3D animation.
Made using Blender.
12 fps (next animations will be made at 24 fps).
Original music (I am no Mozart, so please don't bash me for it). lol
Don't forget to check my YouTube channel to watch the 360 degree version of this animation (you can rotate the camera in any direction).


One of the better stick figure fights posted to this site.

The way your stick figures are designed bodywise shows a clear understanding of human anatomy.

The sticks have bodies with obvious joints connecting together.

You could move onto creating human forms and simply use stickmen as the skeleton.

The actual movie itself is a simple fight scene.

You could move beyond a fight scene.

why are the stick men fighting?

What is the reason for their conflict?

You can also reveal character traits during a fight.

A fight scene can function as a mini story within an bigger story.

You got the potential to do so many cool things in the future.

Keep up the good work.

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Metapixelatron responds:

Wow. Thank you for the motivation, Mightydein. I actually have the base 3d model for "human looking characters" (body shape similar to that of dragon ball characters). There will be a bigger story and the animation will look much smoother. The stickmen are just one of the many types of character in the universe that I have in my vision. I am working on the world for the main story (a bunch of floating continents in space, the remains of a shattered planet, in the middle of a nebulae). I am also trying to re-work my sound library. Some of my sound effects are low quality and old. Anyway, see you around.

I do understand that the animation was rendered in 12fps(I wanna make that clear), but the characters do move incredibly slow. Try taking inspiration from the outside world and people-watch. See how normal people move briskly transitioning from one movement to the next, every part starting and stopping at different times and intervals.
Not only is the motion incredibly slow but also it never stops. There's no point in which the stick figures are still, every part is in constant transition to the next stage. This results in an arm slowly adjusting for 5 seconds from one stance to another in a linear path, when in reality the arm would move after the leg has already begun its shift, and still finish moving more quickly because it carries less weight on it. The arm may also rubber-band back a bit once it hits its mark to give a little bounce(which is also realistic to a sudden stop).
The camera in contrast is very quick and gets a little sickening.

Besides animation, the sfx sound as though they were recorded in an air duct, which I know you can do better because your original music is in a much higher quality. Try playing with mixed tones and drumkits in your programs instead of going online for a cheap free download. Sound design is crucial to feel.

Lastly there's a really fuzzy aesthetic over the entire video; which unintentionally(I'm sure) looks like you rendered a 240p video and scaled upward.

Overall you just need more practice working on shorter animations to develop skills in creating more realistic motion before you start getting into more complex 3D work.

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Metapixelatron responds:

I will try to mix some better quality sounds. I am making more realistic actions for my new skeleton. As for the fuzzy aspect, I notice it too. I don't know what it could be, but I believe it might be caused by the upload. I say this, because it was rendered in 480p and the original mp4 video looks a lot better. Next time I will do it in 480p and see if it looks better.
EDIT: I meant to say "next time I will do it in 720p" lol sorry. XD

Damn dude! That was sweet, keep up the great work!

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Metapixelatron responds:

Thank you, Bludphart. Nice user name. lol

Looks pretty neat, made me think of old UT game for some reason and definitely resembles of a lot of old game cutscenes :D
(maybe would be worth experimenting with the speed a little too, as in making the whole thing go faster, think it could look more dramatic :D)

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Metapixelatron responds:

Thank you for the feedback, BadCookieDough. Yeah, I am working on a new rig with 24 fps actions. This will allow me to make faster sequences without making it look like the characters are teleporting too much.

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Sep 4, 2016
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